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Large Excavator


This new crusher part introduces German high-end technology and combines the performance of Chinese metal materials to design a high-performance accessory that is more durable, mainly used in metal mines, construction sand and gravel processing equipment parts.

Directly imported high-quality alloy forging, wear resistance and toughness, leading in the country, greatly improving work efficiency, service life is 3-5 times higher than high manganese steel, improving production and quality. The latest 5X sand making machines have adopted diamond-shaped combined impact blocks. The main feature of this type of impact block is to replace the traditional manganese steel and cast alloy parts with high-quality alloys from abroad, thus greatly improving the wear resistance of the impact blocks. Sex and sand crushing ability. The impact block of the diamond combination can also be used for adjusting the wear resistance while improving the wear resistance of the sand, which not only improves the utilization rate of the material, but also effectively protects the life of the inner peripheral shield of the sand making machine. The overall service life of the sand making machine is more than five times higher than the original product. The sand making efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

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