“13 Seconds to Love”: Kjwan’s Album Launch at the A.Venue, Makati

13 Seconds to Love Kjwan Album Launch

(photo by Karla Redor)

The long wait is over as Kjwan has just launched its 3rd album, “13 Seconds to Love” last Feb 6 at the A. Venue Concert Hall in Makati. We were able to get in by showing our December-January issue of Pulp Magazine. The gig didn’t start early as promised, it actually started around 9 pm. Karla and I were literally at the middle front of the stage meaning, we got the best view among the rest 😉 . the event was complete: great music from Kjwan and the other bands, sexy ladies and of course Red Horse were everywhere! Hehe.

Anyway, the first band who performed was Even (Redhorse Musiklaban 2009 champion). It was my first time to see them live, though I was at the Redhorse Musiklaban where they competed with other bands ( I heard them during their performance from the outside of Marikina Sports Complex then). They were really amazing, Dyanne Licudine (band’s vocalist) looked simple but her voice was whole and very powerful.  They don’t sound amateur, really. I would call their music metrolica (metal+electronica), hmm I imagine it as a fusion of Limp Bizkit, Quezo and A Perfect Circle.

Short Clip of Even performing “Red and Green”  at the album launch

Salamin, Faspitch and the Out of Body Special also performed with 3 songs each. Click on the links below to view short clips of their performances.



Sexy Girls at the Kjwan Album Launch

One of the Sexy Ladies Dancing with Kjwan performing in the background

After all the front acts, a big white cloth rose up to cover the stage. Suddenly the stage was highlighted with red lights then sillouhettes of women dancing were being seen. Kjwan was playing their first song “Surface” and then the the ladies exited the stage. The moment Marc Abaya sang the first line of the song, fireworks amazed the audience. Wow!

The band sang 15 songs, composed of their old and new materials of course. It wasn’t only Marc Abaya who sang, J-Hoon Balbuena (drummer of Kjwan) and Boogie Romero (guitarist of Kjwan and also Dicta License, thanks to Athena for correcting the info) each showed their other talent 😉 . Too sad that Jorel Corpus (former guitarist of Kjwan) temporarily left the band to pursue his studies in Berkley but anyway, his spirit lives on! Another highlight of the show is that Radioactive Sago Project  jammed with them in “Daliri”. That was awesome too! They attempted to leave the audience hanging by ending the set on their 13th song. Well, they can’t fool me because I saw their set list with 2 songs left unsung 😉  haha. Anyway, the last 2 songs were “One Look” and of course the carrier single which is already being played at the airwaves, “Lifeline”.

The album is exclusively released through Nokia 5800 Express Music. I am just not sure if they will be releasing a CD version soon.

Congratulations to Kjwan!

Kjwan performing “Lifeline”

Short Clip of the Sexy Ladies Dancing 😉

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