Admit it. Most of you definitely associate those two words like I do. Eversince Xmas break started, my mom and I have been going to different malls in the metro just to (window) shop. Well, besides SM Centerpoint ( which I have been going to everyday of my life eversince that damn mall opened), I have been to Greenhills, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Place Manila, Glorietta, Gateway Mall, and Shopwise Cubao.

Hey, have you heard Yano’s song “Esem”?

patingin-tingin, d nman makabili. patingin-tingin, d makapanood ng sine…. Kailangan magsaya, kailangan magpahangin..”

We didn’t actually buy lots of stuff. We’re not rich, we can’t afford to buy those things that we see in malls. My mom and I are just amazed with the places we go to. Maybe, this xmas break gave us more time with each other because eversince my mom started to work, we didn’t have enough time to be together. Of course, during weekdays I’m in school and during weekends, usually she’s at work or at the church she belongs to.

We talk about lots of things, especially our dreams and aspirations. We enjoy eating at places we’ve never been to. We’re adventurous when it comes to food. ( obvious ba?!) Instead of buying things that we do not really need, we taste the different foods.. Diba, it’s practical nman?

continuation ng UPDATE ko..

* I’m currently watching/listening to the delayed telecast of the 2004 NU Rock Awards. Bamboo is currently performing. YEY!

Well anway, I will continue my blabbing here. I’d like to thank the people who commented and visited my blog. ( salamats sobra.. ) Hmm so where was I? oh, I’ll stopped with the Oblation run ( which I wasn’t able to watch, darn it.. ) Now I shall proceed to the Lantern Parade, another UP tradition that one UP student shouldn’t miss. Of course I was there, physically present and even joined the parade. How could I miss it? Our org’s gotta be there.. suporta para sa department representative na si King ( ang anak ko!) at siyempre sino pa bang paparada para sa Sociology?!! hmmm gumagawa ng issue. D, joke lng po. Sympre I’m always happy during Lantern Parades kc that’s the last day of classes and I’m with my beloved orgmates. Hehe. Bonding time namin yon. You know nman kme, whenever we have the time to bond, we really bond. Like mighty bond! hehe.

*ey, Kwjan is playing na! yey. BASTUSAN NA! Hehe. Sorry, nadadala ako sa tugtog ng Kwjan.. wahhh! Mark Abaya!!

So back to my story. Ayon. Comment lng about this year’s Lantern Parade, especially the participation of CSSP students. I think that last year’s participation of CSSP students was more overwhelming than this year’s. Mas happy last year, ang ingay ng mga tga CSSP even though we know that we can’t really win the ‘best lantern’.. well at least sana sa ‘most spirited college’ nalang ( pero natalo parin last year hehe) This year’s theme is Paskong Pinoy. Well which brings me to the question, What really is Paskong Pinoy?

I remember a line from a famous Christmas song and it goes like: “Sa Paskong darating, Santa Klaws mo’y darating….” Very Western ano? But it’s in a Pinoy Christmas song. If you will ask an ordinary Filipino, what’s Paskong Pinoy for you? What would they answer kaya? Maybe they’ll answer: noche buena, simbang gabi, quezo de bola, hamon, Santa Klaws.. May fusion na talaga ng Western but added with a Pinoy touch ang ating mga konsepto at gawain tuwing Pasko. We can’t find a real essence ng Christmas.. ( kc walang esensya! hehe) Well Christmas is a real Western tradition kc it’s from the Christian tradition.. kaya nga CHRISTmas eh.. diva?

I’d like to ask, meron bang Santa Klaws na Pinoy version? Wala lng. kc nakakasuka na si Santa Klaws. I mean, ni hindi nga siya Pilipino eh, ba’t pa natin inaabangan ( ako hindi na, mga bata cguro..) La lng.

cold turkey

I’ve been online ever since I woke up this afternoon. ( hehe, I woke up at 1230 pm, thanks to Cielo.. ) It’s already 730 pm and i’m still here. Well anyway, it made me feel happy that classes were suspended because of the super typhoon but it was so selfish of me to rejoice at the expense of those typhoon victims in Quezon and also those who don’t have shelters.

It’s very cold. How I wish I have someone here to keep me warm. Well, the thoughts of this new person makes me feel warm. Hahaha. It sounds cliche but what the hell. =)

Readings, readings,readings. I still have to read lots of readings for socio 183. Oh shit, i’m still too lazy to remove my ass from this chair.

abbey road

i’m beginning to like someone now. Gosh, iba itong feeling na ito. I’m happy when I see him/her. Basta, may kilig factor and i’ve never felt like this ever since i was in a relationship. I miss that kilig feeling whenever I see someone. Even though I know that we cannot be together as a couple, I will entertain this feeling. Tama na sa akin ang makita siya. hayyyyy….