and i love her

It’s official. We’re officially starting a relationship. She popped up the question, ” wud u be my girlfriend?” in the morning of August 27. I was shocked because I am not expecting her to ask me that this early. We’ve been together for about 3 weeks already. We seem to act like we’re already in a relationship. In that three weeks, we were “exclusively dating”. But i’m ready. She’s ready. We’re both ready. This is a new chapter of my life. After one year of searching and being single, I’ve finally found a new person to give my tender, loving care.. hehe. I think nothing would really change. Maybe a little.

I love her. Why? Because she gives me this much attention and exerts effort to take good care of me. She’s sensitive about my needs, appreciates the things that I do for her. She’s extremely kind to me and to my friends. I feel safe whenever I’m with her. It’s as if nobody can hurt me.

I will not let anyone ruin whatever we have right now.

I’m happy. I’m extremely happy.

I feel like I had a rebirth.

Thanks for coming into my life baby.

I love you. I demand nothing right now. I just wanna be with you.

happy being in love

It’s been a long time eversince I’ve posted a new entry here in my blog. I have nothing to say kasi. It seemed that everyday was just the same for me. Now I think I have a reason to write again. Ayoko na maging maasim sa buhay. Kaligayahan naman ito. hehe. I’d like to give the good news for all of you. I’m in love. May bagong tao sa buhay ko. Hindi siya drawing. 3d sya. Tama pala, you know you are looking for someone pero hindi mo alam na nasa harapan mo na pala siya. Yung mga tipong hindi mo aakalain na magkakasundo pala kayo. I can’t tell the exact details now on how and why I fell for this person. Basta, iba ang feeling. Lagi kmeng magkasama. Parang hindi kami nauubusan ng pag-uusapan. Ang happy ng feeling. I thought wala ng tao ang matututunan akong mahalin at ako rin, I thought that I can never find a person like her. Iba siya. Super sensitive and caring. Spoiled pa nga ako sa knya eh. Ang sarap ng inaalagaan k ng husto.