I wish I was eloquent. Even though how much I want to express myself through words, I can’t. I can only show her how much I love her but I can’t express it into words.

This is how it feels to love somebody again. I feel I was reborn. Now i’ll elaborate on this. After my break up with my ex, I felt that I died. Imagine, being with her for about 8 years. My world revolved around her then suddenly she left me. Maraming karirs. But I haven’t really found anyone who can really get my attention. Drawing silang lahat. No one was serious. Ahh, there was one. But drawing parin siya. Even though you fill your phonebook with all the chatters in lezpinay, still you can’t find that person that you can really love.

I guess, you can’t really find that someone in the virtual world. Iba parin ang mga tao sa ‘real world’.

“I didn’t know I was looking for love until I found you…”
Actually, I didn’t know that I can feel something like that for her.