hmm weird day.

You know what s weird? hmm. I wasn t able to use the internet for like hmm 3 or 4 days. The first thing i saw was an offline msg from nicole. i was a bit surprised because i wasn t expecting her to talk to me coz u know what. well, thx for the msg. i really appreciated it. That was one weird thing that happened. Second, i opened my friendster acct and i have a new testimonial! it was from my grade 6 classmate. I was surprised ( again?!) because we re not really close.. She made a testimonial for me.. haha. we re not even close. though we were team mates dati sa basketball team. haha. one of the people who super made me kulit to try out for the basketball team. gusto lang ng kasabay magtry out eh. well it turned out good naman. we both got accepted. She only played for a year coz she got accelerated to high school. I play for 2 years. until grade 7. i resisted being accelerated. hehe. La lang.

Oh gosh, i still have 2 weeks to complete my thesis. Hayy. I will march next year. With the kiddies. hehe. I ll just get my certificate for being an org head and then scrung.. hehe. for the sake lang ng societal expectations. I ll do it.