rationalizing and derationalizing the call center industry

Have u ever felt that there’s so much to do but there’s so little time? I have so many plans in life but I haven’t started any of them. I want to pursue graduate school ( kinda like planning to take up law but then.. hmmm), look for another job, lose weight? hehe. i’ve been wanting that for 23 years ( yeah, i remember i was 1 year old then when i first thought of losing weight! sheesh!) and saving some money for future uses.

Hmm so far, i’ve started with the saving thing. I only started last month. For those of u who know where i work and how much i earn, i’d like to clarify i am not swimming with all the money i have ( or even diving hehe) . Yes, i earn double digits a month but to tell u the truth i don’t feel the money i earn. It goes straight to the bills, bills, bills. Now, i am the breadwinner in this household. As almost everybody knows my mom doesn’t have a stable job so I realy have to work and earn more than 15k a month. It’s actually Cathy who pushes me to save money. I also want to save something because i’m not planning to stay long in a call center. I’m just gonna finish the bond ( and that ends in march 2007).

Well, for those who didn’t know yet ( if someone even bothers to read my blog), yes i am working in a call center. I’m sure many would say “what the hell is she doing in a call center when she finished her degree in UP?!”. I’ll say this in Filipino because it’s better sounding “Ano ba ang pakialam niyo?!” Yes, i know UP Grads has an unwritten rule to follow and i’m not gonna emphasize that anymore. Hell no, not all UP Grads follow that. When u enter this dog eat dog world, it’s really hard to cope with it. Lots of UP Grads work in call centers. Most people from our acct come from those “preferred schools by most employers”. One of our supervisors was the topnotcher in the Geodetic Engineering licensure exams and came from UPD. I had an officemate who became managers and consultants of different fast food chains, also a UPian, Business Admin major cum laude grad works in a call center. And the list goes on and on and on. Well some of u might say that i am experiencing too much rationalization. Owing that to Weber, yes it could lead one person to exert too much individualism and that no one would even care what other people say because the end is what’s important. Oh my am i still saying the right things here? hehehe. Now what is my point? My point is… i am working in a call center because I want to earn money. Hello, let’s be practical! But then, even though i have that motivation i still have the urge to transfer to another kind of work. I know this is not what i’m gonna do forever. The money that i will be earning here hopefully will go to something that I would invest for my cultural capital. Of course, it’s not only money that can we can capitalize. Yes, this is Bourdieu. So that i will be able to acquire all the skills that i will be needing for the career that i want to go to. Maybe u could call this temporary rationalization and that the ends that one will receive will be for the further enhancement of one’s skills and capabilities to be utilized for future careers. I believe that there’s no absolute rationalization. It depends on what the situation is.

Yes, it’s devastating to hear those stories that these people who have experienced the corporate world and all exchanged their corporate lifestyle to enter in a call center. One could say that the Call center is one way to break out from that corporate bullshit. Well for one, u do not have to really wear suits and ties one can break out from that corporate norm. Though in our work, we still need to wear casual business attire mondays through thursdays. There is more freedom in this kind of industry where people can be just themselves compared to the rigit corporate offices. This is the place of the free spirited. This is the industry where u can see different kinds of genders in one roof? Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trasgenders ( umm i don’t think i see transexuals there… i don’t know) the LGBT is present there. Isn’t it a happy place to be? heheh.
Well going back to the corporate deviance that call center creates, yes maybe it is one. But for me, I would like to experience some of the corporate world. Not now, but in the future. I wanna feel burn out from that so that when it happens i will turn to a place where this corporate deviance exists. But right now, I’m happy working in this kind of industry.