St. Scho busmates reunited!

After 48 years of not seeing each other, we’ve finally got together last aug 27. Grace is a balikbayan, lived in the US ever since college came back and surprised all of us. It was a biglaan thing, so we went out on a mon night. First, Aya called me up ( actually woke me up hehhe) and nagkita kme sa LRT V. Mapa station. I really can’t remember how to go to their houses that’s why sabay na lang kme ni Aya, we’ll just go to Leslie’s house to meet up the other busmates there. Then Grace came with Me-an. Myra was there of course, Leslie was there.. Grabe super ingay ng bahay. hehe. May pasalubong pa si Grace, Victoria’s secret na lotion and chocolates! hehe. So we’ve decided to go to MOA, but first sinundo namin si Janet. Since we’re all 8, we can’t fit inside Me-an’s car so the 3 of us ( janet, aya and me) rode a cab to MOA. Sobrang ingay sa function room, nag-reretro. hehe. Si grace kasi nagsimula eh. Unang nag-iisip ng issue saken kung sino crush ko sa busmates.. well unfortunately, she’s not there.. hehe. Oh well, so there, after MOA, we’ve decided to have coffee nlang so we went to Starbux at the Fort. Then after that, they dropped me off to my office bec i have work. grr.. Well the picture on the left is Grace, we took that picture while we were in Me-an’s car.

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Why is it that when you are single, people around you feel that every butch you meet is a potential “karir”. It’s not that when you meet someone and become friends eventually “nagkakariran” na kayo. Well, fine, all of the butches i meet are single. It just so happened that we’re all single and it seems we’re dating. Well we just communicate through text and chat and even went out once ( both of them once plang). I wouldn’t call them dates because it’s just 2 people going out to have dinner. No ‘romantic’ links yet, just plain talking abt everything under the sun. But when do u call a date a “date”?

I remember when I was in high school, my personality and development teacher taught us in class that it only becomes a date when there are two people going out who have a mutual understanding and it should involve only a boy and a girl . At that early age, I disputed that statement ( well, only to myself ) because I have a girlfriend at that time. Hehe. And we used to date then so that is my reality of what a date should be. Sex ( the typification) is not important, for as long as there are 2 people who have a “romantic” link are going out, that is called a date. I think after my teacher told us that statement, i rebelled against her reality that it’s not only “straight” people that can experience dating. It really sucks to know that there are bigots like that and treat lgbt experiences as a joke. Well, I can’t blame her ignorance. That is how she was socialized by her parents. I believe that she has the notion that biology follows behavior. That everything is dictated by biology and shouldn’t deviate from that. It’s so old school. Hello.