When Krung Krungs Attack

While I was surfing the internet, suddenly my landline rang. It disconnected my internet service since i am still using a dial up connection. Guess what who I have on the other line, a krungkrung whom I had an unfortunate encounter before. I have been avoiding this being eversince I dumped her. I don’t reply to her text messages, her phone calls through my cell phone and I usually say I am busy when she calls my landline. After Karla warned her not to be in contact with me anymore, probably about a month ago, here she goes again calling me through my landline. She was in her usual introduction without saying the word “hello”, she instead says “Sha?” assuming that I always answer the phone. And of course I replied, ” Sino to?” though I know it was her. Then she started talking in her usual ‘asking for sympathy voice’, saying farewell because she will be leaving soon to Australia. I was smirking while I was listening to her. Why is this pathetic being still calling me and why is she saying goodbye? And there she goes again with her apologies and appreciation of me existing in her life. As if I care?!! Then she said that she will surely miss me and “stay pretty”. Wow, I don’t need to hear that from her. Hello, we just went out once and that was the last. She’s such a poseur and she still thinks that I don’t understand her. Well she really is a krungkrung, pathetic loser and a laugh trip moment for me. Haha. *evil laugh*

Feel my wrath

It really sucks when you are being deceived by someone; behind your back you’re being stabbed 10 times more almost killing you. Con-beings, I say, are scums of the earth. These people turn the story around, uplifting their image as the glorious one while the other who is innocent, becomes a victim of this pretentious activity. Dare not to get close to me. Feel my wrath. To those people who betrayed me in some way. Beware. Be afraid, be very afraid. I may be appear nice but I can be very bad if i want to. I don’t want to go back to my old ways again of being confrontational but if I am provoked, I might become one again.

Some sociological concepts in the Bee Movie

In the lay person’s perspective the movie’s theme is light, it’s just a story of a bee who wants to be indifferent from his own kind. Looking at it in a sociological perspective there are lots of concepts or perspectives that could be applied to this one. Continue reading “Some sociological concepts in the Bee Movie”