My birthday bash

I think this is the best birthday ever… I spent the first second of my birthday with my loved one. The night before we were in Gateway and decided to spend the night in her place then went home in the morning. I ate lunch with my mom in Pho Hoa Greenhills. After that I went straight to Glorietta to meet up with my hubby. We ate dinner together with Baby in Banana Leaf in Greenbelt 3. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten there so I decided to have my birthday dinner there. After dinner, we headed to W Grille in Glorietta 2 and had a few drinks with my officemates. After a few beers, we decided to have some coffee in 6750 Starbucks. Actually this is the first time my teammates and I had some beers involved in Makati. hehe. Went home 3 am and had a smile in my face. Though it was a busy day, I really enjoyed my birthday because I spent it with the people that I care about.

And you know what the best thing is? I spent the very first second with my hubby and ended it also with her.

Here are the pix:

sponteneity is the best policy

Saturday, Feb 2, 2008. ( current physical condition: major coughing and sore throat).

We were supposed to go to a resort owned by Baby ( Karla’s best friend) in Cavite but at the last minute she had to cancel it to go to the doctor. Just for sponteneity’s sake, we still went to Cavite but instead we decided to go to Tagaytay ( it’s still in Cavite right? hehe). We hitched a ride w Thea ( my officemate/friend) who goes home to Cavite every weekend. Thea dropped us off ( by the way we’re with Vien in the car) in SM Bacoor then after that Vien went her way and karla and I waited for a bus going to Tagaytay. It was a long trip, we arrived Tagaytay about 7 pm ( we left sm bacoor at abt 4 pm). I haven’t felt the chills when we dropped off from the bus. I just realized it when were were already at Leslie’s. I didn’t even bring a jacket. Haha. Continue reading “sponteneity is the best policy”