I really did it for love ( of Krispy Kreme donuts) I AM THE 259TH CUSTOMER :)

This is it! This is the real thing! Krispy Kreme Ayala is now officially open and Karla and I were there and we were one of the first 300 customers ( she’s 260th ). We were there at about 5 am and super dami na tao. I’m actually worried that I might not be able to be counted as one of the first 300. Literally, I screamed when the Krispy Kreme crew handed me the 259th customer button pin. Wahhh! Now, I have a month supply of dozen donuts every week. Thanks to Krispy Kreme. Read the blog post through our website in www.foodtrippings.com.

Also check out the pics, click here.

Holy week overnight getaway in Laiya, San Juan Batangas

I think this is too late but I still would want to blog about this. Last Holy Wed-Thur, I went to San, Juan Batangas with Karla, Jhomz, Precious, LG and Vien. It wasn’t really meant to be a week long holiday since all of us ( except Karla) works in a call center, therefore we don’t have the regular holidays like “normal” people in the labor force do. It was really our rest days. We left Manila (well actually Alabang) at about 5 pm, then arrived at San Juan, Batangas at about 10 pm. We stayed in the house of Vien’s Grandma. It was a tiring trip but we still wanna have the booze and drank a bottle of tequila and some beers. I just had one beer after the tequila while the rest of them still continued to drink beers. Karla and I escaped in the drinking session and decided to sleep early instead ( the good thing is that we were first in the bed! hehe ). Continue reading “Holy week overnight getaway in Laiya, San Juan Batangas”

I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)

March 24, after Holy week, I was so excited because Krispy Kreme will be opening at the ground floor of our building ( Jaka Building). I wanna be first in line because I wanna be included in the first 300 customers to have a dozen of donuts. Continue reading “I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)”

Rockin’ Night: Narda’s Reunion Gig

Last thursday night ( 03/06/07) we had a super rockin night in Saguijo. We kind of arrived there early, underestimated the started of the gig. Before going there, Baby, Karla, Ivan and I had a few drinks in W grille then after that we headed to Saguijo. We were there to support Narda’s reunion gig. Before Narda, there were performances from Bandang Shirley, Taken by Cars, Us-2 Evil-0, Pedicab. All them were really good and we really enjoyed the night. Kulit lang ni Diego Mapa, he’s wearing a shirt with a word ‘lesbo’ on it ( it’s actually a spoof of lego hehe). Karla was busy taking pictures of the bands ( do check her Flickr site for the band photos and or www.banda.ph ) Us-2 Evil-0 is actually Quark Henares’s band, he’s with Mitch Dulce ( you know the curly haired gal who used to be the mtv vj before? and a mainstay in John and Shirley, loveteam ni Vandolph hehe) leading the vocals in the band.. They’re so kulit, it’s like you’re watching the rocker version of guy and pip. haha. Taken by Cars was awesome, they’re mala-Bloc Party tunes are so cool ( uh oh.. I miss my heartbeat for you..). Bandang Shirley was also cool, they started the show. Narda was so incredible, vocalist’s powerful vocals blew the house away. Astigggg! 😉