Shifting Careers

I will now reveal that I will be moving out of the call center industry on September and will be venturing a new career in a different industry. I have already filed my resignation last night effective August 27. It was not an easy decision to make since I have been attached to my teammates. We’ve gone beyond being just teammates, we share stories about our personal lives, our aspirations, rants and raves. I could say that I’ve earned new friendships from my relationship with my teammates that is why it’s really hard for me to decide if I should stay or should I go. This new job that was offered to me just came to me unexpectedly. Continue reading “Shifting Careers”

Word Camp Philippines 2008 Here I Go!

I’m excited in the upcoming Word Camp Philippines 2008. This will be the first in the Philippines and the Southeast East Asia. It is imperative for me to be part of this event, being a newbie in WordPress. The event will happen in College of Saint Benilde ( along Taft Ave, Manila) on September 6, 2008. So if you’re a blogger, or even a non-blogger and would be interested in attending the event you may register here. You may also check this site for further details of the event πŸ™‚ You can also check the list of sponsors here:

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Last night Karla and I decided to watch a movie since it was drizzling outside. We first ate dinner in Tong Yang ( a good time for Shabu-Shabu!) and then headed off to the cinemas in SM Megamall. By the way it’s my first time to watch a movie there. I was amazed because the theater was so big. Hehe. We decided to watch this movie since we planned on watching it while we saw the movie trailer. Continue reading “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

Reminiscing “A Very Early Morning with The Eheads”

This was a blow by blow account of my experience with the Eraserheads while they were shooting the “Maskara” video for the Carbonsteroxide ( their last) album. I tried to find this in the Circus mailing list, glad it’s still there… This was back in 2001, I was in 4th year high school then. Neneng pa. lolz. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the negative of the pictures taken here, jolog pa nun eh, no digicam yet. Hehe. In the video, I was part of the “party people” and one of the victims of the “face snatcher”. Continue reading “Reminiscing “A Very Early Morning with The Eheads””

It’s not a theory anymore, ERASERHEADS REUNITED

There’s so much blind items buzzing around cyberspace about the so-called “Conspiracy Reunion Theory“, now it’s been confirmed THE ERASERHEADS WILL BE REUNITING FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. So, the people ( or person?) who has been commenting on my blogpost is saying the truth. Read the article of Ricky Lo in Philippine Star. This will be at the CCP Grounds and it will be on August 30, 2008 ( VIIIXXXMMVIII) , as what ‘anonymous’ have been saying in my previous blogpost. I will definitely be there whatever happens. Circus, the official Eraserheads mailing list is active again, woohoo! This is not a speculation anymore, it’s has been confirmed. Now the only thing I need to know now is to where and how to get those tickets. πŸ™‚ wahhhh!

Pedicab’s Sophomore Album, “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” Launch at Cubao Expo

( Daddy Maps aka. Diego Mapa on vocals)

Pedicab has just launched their sophomore album entitled “Shinji Ilabas mo na Ang Helicopter” outside the Pablo Gallery in Cubao Expo ( formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) last night. I woke up early for this event even though I have a shift at 1 am just to be able to attend this super anticipated gig! I was with my rocker *ehem* πŸ˜‰ Karla last night and we had one hell of a night. We actually arrived past 8 pm ( since it was being advertised in NU 107.5 that the gig will start at 8 pm). It’s better to be early than be late. Well it paid off because we were right infront of the band. This is advantageous for Karla so that she could take pictures of the band performing. Continue reading “Pedicab’s Sophomore Album, “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” Launch at Cubao Expo”

Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Girl

While I was with Karla at Starbucks Greenbelt 1, we were reading the Inquirer then and we stumbled upon this article.

β€˜Pregnant man’ gives birth to girl — reports

First posted 04:21:36 (Mla time) July 04, 2008
Agence France-Presse
LOS ANGELES — A US man who was born a woman before undergoing gender realignment surgery has given birth to a baby girl, US media reported Thursday.

Thomas Beatie, who is legally male but decided to keep his female sex organs during chest reconstruction surgery and testosterone therapy, attracted worldwide attention in April after revealing his pregnancy. Continue reading “Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Girl”

New Version of “Ang Huling El Bimbo” featuring Ely Buendia and FILharmonika

Just got this email from the Eheads mailing list:

There’s a new version of “Ang Huling El Bimbo” performed by Ely Buendia,
backed by FILharmoniKa, an orchestra under the baton of Gerard Salonga. It
will be premiered this afternoon in Jam 88.3. I think RJ will play it
tomorrow afternoon also. NU 107 will (hopefully) play this starting Monday
or Tuesday.

This version is part of a new album called “Kumpas”, an album of orchestral
reworkings of popular pinoy rock songs.

If you like the version, pls request it. πŸ˜€


Can’t wait to hear this version. πŸ™‚

Hmm I think this would be clue or sign number 5? Refer to my blogpost about the Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory πŸ™‚

Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event

Karla, Baby and I attended the Taste of Beauty event of Pond’s, this is for their Age Miracle line. There were lots of bouquet of roses around and lots of pretty ladies around as well. I was concerned that I was underdressed πŸ™‚ I wish I have worn a much better outfit. Well at least I wore make up to compensate that loss. Lolz. Anyway, there were lots of bloggers ( we actually got to meet Jane πŸ™‚ ) there and lots of free food and drinks ( no beers for last night, only red and white wines). It was a Friday night and I have work at 1 am so I can’t really be drunk. I just drank a glass of red wine. Continue reading “Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event”