EraserheadsTV: Official YouTube Channel of the Eraserheads

The Eraserheads now has an official YouTube Channel. You can see their official videos there and also some excerpts during the Eraserheads Reunion concert.

By the way, speaking of YouTube, here’s the spoof of Michael V. in Bubble Gang entitled: Hala Pack up. They’re spoofing Alapaap. It’s really one hell of a laugh.

Bloggers Oktoberfest in Taste Asia

( some of the bloggers with me: Melo, Fritz and Karla. Photo courtesy of Nina)

We don’t only blog, we also parteeehh!! Thanks to the organizers of this event we were able to have our own beer drinking party. The food was great, music courtesy of Moonstar 88 and of course the free beer was great. I was able to drink the Oktoberfest Limited Edition Beer last Friday night, I already miss it. There were beer drinking games ( of course this is San Miguel hehe) and of course prizes that were given away. I was lucky to have won a Creative Mp3 player. I’ve never been really lucky with raffles.

Thanks to Aileen Apolo for organizing this event. Sa susunod na parteehh ulit!!!

By the way, here’s a video of Moonstar 88 covering one Eraserheads classic, Sembreak. Enjoy!

NU Rock Awards 2008:The Supreme Rule

( photo courtesy of Karla Redor, from NU Rock Awards 2002)

It’s the last quarter of the year and it’s time for the NU Rock Awards once again! This year would be its 15th year of awarding Pinoy Rock’s finest. This will be held on November 27, 2008 at the Silvercity Frontera Verde, Pasig City. Performances by: Pupil, Sandwich, Markus Highway, Urbandub, Pedicab, Razorback, Radioactive Sago Project, Rico Blanco, Bamboo Greyhoundz and The Dawn.

If you haven’t voted yet, you can vote online at the NU 107’s official website. As for me, I have already casted my votes. I hope the ones I voted win 🙂

I also hope I can attend the event, if I could score some tickets hehe.

Why Do You Want to Blog?

This is my commentary about Prof. Danny Arao’s blog post: Huwag Kang Magblog Kung…

Prof. Danny Arao’s blogpost about bloggers who become “sell outs” in the blogosphere is indeed thought provoking. I have been blogging for a long time but it was only until now that I get to meet some other bloggers in “real life” through the the different blogger or media events organized by different marketing or pr agencies. It’s only now I realize that there are some perks by becoming a blogger. I must admit it was fun since I get to experience things I have not done before ( especially the food that I have not tasted before). In exchange of letting me experience those perks of course I should return the favor by writing about their product or event etc. That’s ‘social exchange theory’ in real life, but it’s not being forced. Even though they feed me with all the food they want, nothing can control me on what I will say. I will still write a bad review if I didn’t like the taste of the food or if the service is bad. I make sure that it’s being done constructively and not because I am being too personal about it. Continue reading “Why Do You Want to Blog?”

This is What I Really Needed, a Soothing Massage

For the past few days my back really hurt and that was the signal for me that I was really stressed and my body needs to be pampered. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to have my massage so after work yesterday, I rushed to the nearest massage place ( not really nearest, probably recommended by Karla’s former officemates 🙂 ) around my office in Rufino St., Makati. Karla was with me by the way and we headed to Lotus Massage in Perea St., Makati.

When I entered the place it seemed that my world was transformed in the world of Zen. Hehe. I don’t know how to describe it but it suddenly became different. It somewhat brought me to another dimension, totally different from the busy Makati outside. Anyway, we were asked to remove our shoes/ slippers then headed to the sort of “waiting” area wherein the masseuse will ask you to soak your feet in basin with luke warm water. Then after soaking the feet, they will escort you to your “room”. Their rooms are actually divided by curtains. The place is quite dark and I can hear the soothing music that would really set you in the mood. Another good thing about this place is that they open from 2:00 pm-2:00 am. So if you want a massage at midnight and within the Makati area, you can definitely visit this place. I requested for Swedish massage and my masseuse, Yolly, did not disappoint me.  I really want hard massage and she delivered the job very well. I will definitely be returning there, perhaps get addicted? Hehe.

Admit ONE gig: Reunion fever is on!

I know that this is a super late post but I will still post it for my sake 🙂

Even Admit One is riding the bandwagon for reunion gigs. Last Wed, August 20th Admit One was in Saguijo Cafe in Makati. Bands that performed were: Cambio, Sugarfree, Twisted Halo, Fatal Posporos and Blast Ople. It was the night of reunions you know why? Sugarfree performed with their former drummer Mitch.  It was nostalgic of my college days because that’s the time when Mitch was still there. Sugarfree was singing their songs from “Unang Araw” their first album.

( Original Sugarfree line up performing “Burnout”)

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Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” Music Video

One of my favorite songs in Pupil’s Wildlife album, “Disconnection Notice” already has a music video. It was actually launched last night through YouTube.

It was awesome!

Ely Buendia couldn’t perform live yet, but it’s good to know that he’s doing well. I can’t wait to see him perform again.

Watch the video here and enjoy.

What Happened After The Eraserheads Reunion

I know it’s been weeks after the Eraserheads concert but I will want to do a wrap up. Until now I still have a hangover with these guys.

After the reunion concert, the Eheads Mailing list was flooded with tons of messages everyday. Actually until now, it still floods with messages. I would get 300+ unread messages everyday. Of course I wouldn’t read all of them, I try to cherry pick the topics that I want to read. So here are some of the cherry picked topics I will discuss here 🙂

So how is Ely Buendia doing?

Ely Buendia narrates to Manila Bulletin on what he felt while he was performing onstage:

“Towards the last song of the first set, I was already
feeling chest pains. Nung matapos, parang hindi na ako makahinga.
Kaya umupo ako. When we reached backstage, I was asking for oxygen
already kasi nahirapan na talaga ako huminga.”

He’s doing fine now. In fact he was already out of the Philippine Heart Center last Sept 5. His heart is 100% functioning now. He had just had his 3rd angioplasty. So all he has to do now is to rest for a few months just to be in shape. Ely’s manager, Day Cabuhat had photos of him while being released in the hospital.

( Ely with his nurses, he’s holding the Fruitcake book!)

( Ely with his doctors)

( Getting some last minute reminders) Continue reading “What Happened After The Eraserheads Reunion”

San Miguel Oktoberfest: All roads led to Ortigas, literally.

This is my first Oktoberfest ever so I was very excited to go this event. So after work, Karla and I headed straight to Ortigas. We took the train of course because we are expecting heavy traffic since number 1, it’s a rush hour and number 2, it’s Oktoberfest. The queue in the MRT was long and of course the coaches were full. We arrived Shaw Station at 8:00 pm. We walked towards SM Megamall and then to SMC. Now the journey has started.

We arrived there with no tickets yet. Why? Because there were no tickets that were sold days before the event. There were lots of people, as in literally lots of them. We walked around because the security in Julia Vargas St. said that the VIP tickets were being sold at the other side of the block. We wanted to have the VIP tickets so that we can see Third Eye Blind. So we walked around the block, gladly there are still VIP tickets. By the way, the VIP tickets were sold at Php 1500 each. So we entered the Oktoberfest grounds, though the Gen Ad area first. The security said that it’s just at the end of the street so we just walked and walked and walked. I was looking at the drinking area and it was organized actually. There were tents with tables and chairs. The concessionaires were behind the beer bar. It was actually a long, long beer bar. They all have the “pulutan” a drinker would ask for. Name it, they have it. There were also stages set up for bands to perform. There were actually 4 stages that were set up, 2 small stages in San Miguel Ave, 1 small stage in Julia Vargas Ave and the biggest stage was in Julia Vargas corner San Miguel Avenue. Of course we are heading to the big stage since the rock bands are performing there. Continue reading “San Miguel Oktoberfest: All roads led to Ortigas, literally.”