Give in to Giving: 12 cups with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I know it’s already nearing Christmas and “giving” is in again. Well, it shouldn’t be like that but realistically speaking the word “give” really is being overused during the Christmas Season. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a project of “giving in” for the season but is different from the sticker collecting of another coffee shop. Their difference is that the individual will just have to collect 12 stamps in order to get a notebook ( designed by Filipino artists) and YOU can also choose the advocacy you want to give your donations to. There are 12 advocacies you can choose such as: PAWS, Kythe, Caritas, Kagabay, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Bahay Tuluyan, Haribon, Cartwheel Foundation, Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc, Philippine Band of Mercy, Resources of Blind. If you will analyze, thee groups have different advocacies: kids, blind, animals, environment, prisoners, indigenous people, cerebral palsy, etc… Isn’t that nice? YOU as a coffee drinker ( tea lattes drinkers are included of course 😉 ) can get to choose what you really advocate for and not be limited to just one when you do not know how much is the allocation of donation to an NGO. Last November 19 at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bonifacio High Street, we were able to talk to some NGOs that are included in this project of CBTL. At that night, we were able to immediately give to an advocacy of our choice as we were provided by pre-stamped card. As for me, I chose Caritas’ Restorative Justice Program and this is intended for the Value Formation program for the detainees in jail.

How about you? To whom will you give it to?

Take a Bite (again), It’s Alright

This deliciously written book will be re-issued this December. The Carol Kings just reunited recently. There wouldn’t be Gatekeepers for this one even the Lord of the Rhum, Fruit Fairy and Fabulous Baker Boy can’t be stopped!

Better be prepared. 🙂

**Got this from Anvil 

** illustration by Ms. Cynthia Bauzon-Arre. Thanks for the heads up! 😉

The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe

The Dorques‘ album was just launched last week, November 14 at Saguijo Cafe in Makati City. Aside from them being the main act, there are other bands who performed such as Twin Lobster, The Camerawalls and Poubelle International. I was able to participate in a song performed by Poubelle International. I became a fruitshaker for a night ( mine’s an apple) and also “person number 4 😉 “. Listen to this indie bank, their songs are really great. 2 of them are Swedish and 1 of them is Australian. They just came from Hong Kong and stayed 2 days here in Manila. Watch the video below to see me shake ( actually, my arm fats were shaking lolz ). Continue reading “The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe”

I won a Hedgren Bag courtesy of Bratpack!

Bratpack has just recently opened its newest store in Greenbelt 5 Makati. A mini bloggers get together was held last November 12th at Greenbelt 5. Food that was served to guests were courtesy of Travel Cafe (it was delish! thanks! 🙂 ). I think the main thing in this event was the riddle game wherein we could get the chance to win bags such as Jansport, Timbuk2 and Hedgren. The riddle game was really long because we have to answer 3 questions correctly and look for the objects in the bags displayed. It was like Pera o Bayong because we have to guess where the object is. It actually took more than an hour for us to finish the whole game. Take note, there has to be 10 winners. hahaha. Luckily, I won a bag! I was eyeing for the black bag but unfortunately I got the grey bag which was ok because that was my 2nd choice :). Continue reading “I won a Hedgren Bag courtesy of Bratpack!”

My Views on Proposition 8

The California Proposition 8 has been already out in the news and I guess you already know what happened, it was PASSED. 52.3% voted yes and 47.7% voted no. It was a close fight but we were not able to succeed. If you already know me personally, I am based here in the Manila and maybe you’re asking why I said WE were not able to succeed. I am saying WE because WE may belong to a different ethnicity, geographical location, etc…but WE are part of the global LGBT community. We may not have same sex marriages here in the Philippines but we are part of the community that is being discriminated by hypocrites.
I was watching the show “The View” yesterday and what really struck me is what Whoopi Goldberg said. It’s just an issue of semantics ( and that’s what I also believe ). These hypocrites only relate the word marriage as the sacrament and would like to claim ownership among “their kind”. They don’t want the word gay beside the word marriage probably because it insults the “holiness” of the word itself. Bottomline, just change the word “marriage” into UNION. The hypocrites want to own the word marriage so give it to them. In my own opinion, I would get married not because of its religious functions but because of practical reasons. I am concerned about have equal rights with my partner in some legal documents like owning a property ( conjugality ) or the right to claim my partner’s body if ever she dies ( I’m not wishing this to happen to my partner). It’s just the pragmatism of it so that we as members of the LGBT can work our way out also with these mostly heterosexual-made laws. This is far cry from happening here in the Philippines. I would like the Anti Discrimination Bill to be passed first before asking for same-sex unions.

Oppose Prop 8!

Red Horse Muziklaban: 10 Years of Rakrakan

During this age of bands it’s always important to hear fresh new talents to at least be updated in the music scene. Red Horse supports fresh new bands through Red Horse Muziklaban. It’s actually on its 10th year and they are still rocking fresh new talents. Some of the bands that we know today were winners of Muziklaban before such as Mayonnaise, Hard Boiled Eggz, Gayuma ( last year’s winner) and many more.

The semi-final legs are already going on so if you still want to catch the rest of the legs, here is the schedule below. The most interesting part will be the Final Round wherein an international rock band who has become one of the “institutions of rock” during 90’s will be performing. Should I say the name of the band? Hmm, I’ll give you a clue, it was mentioned in the monologue of Marcus Adoro in the album Circus entitled “Punk Zappa” and it’s composed of these letters: S**pultura. Haha. If you are a 90’s headbanger, you would definitely know that 😉 Continue reading “Red Horse Muziklaban: 10 Years of Rakrakan”

Ang Bandang Shirley’s ‘Scary Debut’ Album Launch

Ang Bandang Shirley

The name Shirley rings a bell to Eraserheads fans because: (1) It’s the title of an Eraserheads song included in Ultraelectromagneticpop and (2) it’s the name of a certain E-heads member’s ex-gf.  ( hmm, a little bit of chika there hehe). Anyway, Ang Bandang Shirley actually has a little bit of a connection with the Eraserheads because the band was named as such due to a requirement in school (?) wherein they have to form a group name related to the Eheads ( hmm still have to verify that information 🙂 )

Last October 25, Ang Bandang Shirley already launched its debut album entitled ‘Scary Debut’. The title of the album is very timely to its launch since Halloween was already approaching. The event happened at the Kolektib in Cubao X. Almost everybody was in their Halloween costume ( especially the band) and people were really creative in making it really interesting.

Before the actual gig started, a documentary of the band was shown to the public. This was to introduce and to also get to know the individual band members. Right after the documentary, Ang Bandang Shirley performed their first set. Other bands also participated in the said event such as: Twin Lobster, Halik ni Gringo and Radioactive Sago Project.

The event was a success and everybody enjoyed. I was able to have a little chat with Marcus Adoro of the Eheads there, probably just there to enjoy the gig and have some booze 😉 . I also bought the ‘Scary Debut’ CD and am already listening to it.

Congratulations to the Bandang Shirley! 🙂

Ely Buendia Returns

Just last Saturday, October 24, Ely Buendia has returned to performing live again just like Superman. He performed live of course with his band, Pupil in Eat Bulaga. After performing “Disconnection Notice” with Pupil, he sang “Superproxy” with Francis M. It was also Francis M.’s first TV performance after recovering from his illness. Both of the OPM icons were very happy that they are back in the live scene again. They even hugged each other after doing “Superproxy”. Continue reading “Ely Buendia Returns”

Gary V. Tribute at Magnet High Street

Some of the Philippine industry’s sought after bands performed again at the Magnet High Street last October 22, 2008 to pay tribute to Gary V.’s 25th year of existence in the OPM scene. This recent event is already a follow up to the first tribute gig that happened last August 2008. As we all know, Gary V. played a big part in promoting Filipino talent here and internationally. The tribute gig was to promote Gary V’s upcoming major concert that will be held on November 14 to 15 at the Araneta Coliseum. Gary V.’s guests will be some of the country’s promising rock bands such as Rivermaya, Sugarfree, Bloomfields, and Salamin.

The bands that performed at the Magnet event were Sandwich, Imago, Pedicab, Salamin, Reklamo, ChicoSci, Severo, Greyhoundz and Spongecola. Each of these bands showed their version of a Gary V. song. Salamin, lead by Gary V.’s son Paolo Valenciano, performed “Babalik Ka Rin”, the song that was used on an ad in the 90’s dedicated to the Overseas Filipino Workers. Paolo Valenciano even imitated the movements his dad made for this song that made the audience laugh a bit. Imago performed a heartbreaking love song “Paano Ko Sasabihin”. Aia de Leon of Imago even asked Gary over the mic on how he was able to sing this heartbreaking song. Next on the bands that performed was Reklamo. They added their funky and witty guitar riffs on the song “Shake It”. Yael Yuzon of Spongecola, having lost a bit of his voice still managed to pull off another love song of Gary which is “Sana Maulit Muli”. The melancholic mood of Gary’s original rendition turned into an angst driven mood as Yael was singing the bridge of the song “Kung ako’y nagkamali minsan, di mo ba mapagbibigyan…” and still even managed to return to the melancholic mood by toning down his vocals. Severo performed “Looking in Her Eyes”, which gave the band a funky ‘Incubus’ sound. Continue reading “Gary V. Tribute at Magnet High Street”

Up Dharma Down’s ‘Bipolar’ Album Launch

Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is definitely going up the charts right now because they have already released their sophomore album, ‘Bipolar’ last October 24 at the Hexagon Lounge, RCBC Plaza. Many people attended the said event and there’s even still a line outside Hexagon Lounge which unfortunately couldn’t be accommodated by the venue anymore. Tickets were sold at Php 150 however people who will be availing the CD at the event will also get the limited edition DVD which actually cost Php 500 ( that’s inclusive of one free beer or iced tea). Limited editions ‘Bipolar’ shirts were also being sold courtesy of Team Manila at Php 550 each. Continue reading “Up Dharma Down’s ‘Bipolar’ Album Launch”