UP Centennial Lantern Parade 2008

It’s still the holiday season and this blog post is still up to date 🙂 . The annual UP Lantern Parade is one of the most sought after events during holiday season. This year is very special since this is UP’s centennial year (1908-2008). Karla and I made sure that we get there early so that we can witness each and every lantern.

December 17. We arrived there at 3 pm, did some errands we need to do ( err photocopy a book, eat isaw and have merienda at Chocolate Kiss Cafe 😉 ) The start of the parade was originally at 4 pm but it started at about 4:30 pm.  We went straight to AS steps ( Palma Hall ) so that we can sit there and watch the parade pass by. I believe this is the most attended Lantern Parade. From the place we stayed (AS Steps), the whole area was filled with people even the street itself!

College of Fine Arts of course had the best floats and because of that, they’re not included in the contest anymore 😉 . Their theme was Circus Freak Show. Enjoy the pictures taken by Karla Redor. 🙂 Continue reading “UP Centennial Lantern Parade 2008”

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. and Dept of Agriculture Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Mauled Golfers: WHAT A SHAME!

Remember the faces of these father and son political tandem who mauled a 56-year old father and 13-year old son at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo City. The picture above is Department of Agriculture Secretary Nasser Pangandaman and the other mauler is his son, the Mayor of Masiu City in Lanao Del Sur, Nasser Pangandaman Jr.

Read the whole story here and SPREAD THE WORD.

Witnessing a Filipino Digital Animation Breakthrough: Dayo


Katrina “hopia” Legaspi as the voice of “Anna” the vegetarian manananggal  

We were one of the first people who was able to watch Dayo at the big screen. The premier night was held at SM Megamall’s Cinema 10 and was attended also by some members of the cast who rendered their voices to the film such as Peque Gallaga, Nash Aguas and Hopia.

I have been curious about this film ever since we were invited to the studios of Cutting Edge Productions to witness how the animation was being done a few months ago. I appreciated the film more while I was watching the finish product though the studio tour already burst my bubble 🙂 . Continue reading “Witnessing a Filipino Digital Animation Breakthrough: Dayo”

Sonic Boom’s Christmas Party at Club Dredd Eastwood

Sonic Boom celebrated their 3rd Christmas Party at Club Dredd Eastwood last night. I was with Karla, Lili and Ronald and it wasn’t really planned at all to go to Eastwood. We thought that Urbandub’s gig was in Saguijo. Oh well, it was just misinformation 🙂 . We weren’t able to catch the bands who performed early such as Hilera and Nyctinasty. The place was filled with people and Typecast was about to finish their set. Other bands who performed after Typecast were Faspitch, Kjwan and Urbandub.

(Jorel- left)

It’s sad to know that Jorel Corpus, Kjwan’s guitarist will be leaving the band. I am not sure if he will be studying overseas, according to Marc Abaya who announced it on the mic ( I really couldn’t hear it well due to the noise). Nevertheless, the band will still continue playing. In fact they will be releasing their album entitled “13 Seconds to Love” early next year 🙂 .The carrier single of the album “Lifeline” is already being played at NU 107. Continue reading “Sonic Boom’s Christmas Party at Club Dredd Eastwood”

Abenson’s Appliances opens its new store at Glorietta 5

Bloggers went to the opening of Abenson’s store at Glorietta 5 (yes, it’s Glorietta 5 not Greenbelt 5, it’s near Intercontinental Hotel at Rustan’s Makati). There were lots of things on sale there like TVs, DVD players, cellphones and many more. So if you haven’t shopped for your Christmas gifts, you may drop at any Abenson’s branches since from what I know they have a nationwide sale.

They also have the Plus Card wherein cardholders get the chance to avail of the special sales and promotions of Abensons. It lets them earn points which they can exchange for rebates. Application fee is Php 120 but if you are buying something Php 15,000 and above, application fee is already waived.

Since I’m already there, I bought myself a Christmas present an Acer Aspire PC. Original price was Php 26,900 and I was able to get it for Php 25,600. No, it was not impulsive shopping because I really need it. I immediately called Citibank if there’s still enough space for my card and luckily it still has Php 25,000 credit limit left on it 🙂 . I am now using it and am sooo lovin’ it!

Nutrilite’s “Every Kick Counts” Campaign

The internet indeed is a very helpful tool in spreading advocacies nowadays that is why Nutrilite, a brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements (distributed locally by Amway Philippines), actually utilized the internet as a powerful tool in helping children around the world get the education that they need. How you can help? All you need to do is go to this website: www.everykickcounts.com and register. Then you can choose the country and city you want to give your kick to then you would have to forward your ‘kicks’ to other people. It’s like a ‘chain letter’ if you would want to call it. Each person who ‘kicks’ can actually contribute $0.15 to the country they chose. It’s very easy and you don’t need to think hard to actually donate that little amount.This program also is in partnership of Nutrilite with soccer superstar Ronaldinho.

Me making my first kick Continue reading “Nutrilite’s “Every Kick Counts” Campaign”

Lost in Transcription no. 1: Goo Goo Dolls’ Here is Gone

Lost in Transcription 1

Isn’t it funny when you’re singing at a videoke and you realize that the lyrics are incorrect? Here’s my first attempt to document it 😉 .

The chorus should go like this:
And I want to get free
Talk to me
I can feel you falling
And I wanted to be
All you need
Somehow here is gone

Sepultura Rocked the Night at the 10th Red Horse Muziklaban


Saturday, November 29, was the big day for the finalists of the 10th Red Horse Muziklaban. The event was held at the Marikina Sports Complex and actually started at 2 pm until 5 am the next day. Me and other bloggers (Juned, Azrael, Jaydj and Karla) were there to grace the occassion and we had all access passes! Thanks to Juned of course 😉 . Karla and I were there at 6 pm but we weren’t inside the sports complex, we’re waiting for the other bloggers to come. While waiting, punks were all around the complex. Security was very tight as bouncers and policemen ( as in anti-riot team ) were around the vicinity. We were able to witness some rumbles while we were outside the sports complex and seeking for safe grounds away from them. Juned and Jaydj were waiting at Mcdo near the entrance so we immediately went there and went inside the sports complex with our passes. It felt more secured inside as people there were “behaved” compared to the people outside. Punks were chanting “Open gates! Open gates” but their plead weren’t granted. The entrance fee for general admission is Php 350, that comes with a free cup of beer while the VIP section is Php 3,000 which comes with food and beer. I’m not surprised the very few people bought the VIP tickets because it was way too expensive unlike the San Miguel Oktoberfest with Third Eye Blind performing (it was Php 1,500 then). Continue reading “Sepultura Rocked the Night at the 10th Red Horse Muziklaban”