How Can I Get The Eraserheads Final Set Tickets for Free? Let Me Count the Ways

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I recognize the fact that the tickets for the Eraserheads Final Set are quite expensive for some so I decided to compile some of the contests (that I know of) that can make you score some tickets for free. So if there are other contests that I was not able to post here, feel free to comment so that we could share the information to everyone else.

Being one of the major sponsors of this event, they have ways on how to get tickets for free. One can do this by texting EHEADS to 234 so that you can get their Eheads ringtone of the day. By doing this everyday, you can have the chance to win VIP Tickets (worth Php 5,000 each) and have a ‘meet and greet’ session with the Eraserheads. Now isn’t that cool? This is the only contest/promo that will give away VIP tickets. Of course you have to have a whole lotta Smart and Talk n Text Load in your mobile phones. Everyday, Smart will be giving away 5 Gen Ad tickets. This promo is valid only until March 1. For more official information about the concert and also some articles about the Eheads, log on to ** Updated 25/02/09

Aside from Smart, MTV Philippines is also one of the major sponsors. For this contest, you would have to have an MTV account. You can do that by registering at and then when you already have the account, go the promo page (click here). Answer the very simple question “What is the title of the Eraserheads Concert?” . No coaching needed, you already know it! Deadline for this contest is March 4. Continue reading “How Can I Get The Eraserheads Final Set Tickets for Free? Let Me Count the Ways”

San Miguel Sarap Magbabad Events

San Miguel Beer Sarap Magbabad Press Launch

Summer is almost here and so San Miguel has prepared a summer long celebration for its avid beer afficionados (and even the non-beer afficionados 🙂 ). Last week, they have formally launched the series of events for this summer. Get the chance to experience the cool breeze of summer with the new Double Chill San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Oh yes, for me, it’s really important that the beer is really cold so they made this new process of making the beer zero degrees. You can experience the zero degrees celcius beer by attending their parties for this summer. The Kick Off concert will be on March 6 with simultaneous gigs at the Bayview Park in Roxas Boulevard; Taal Vista in Tagaytay; SM City Baguio; Torres Compound in Davao City and Leyte Park Hotel, Tacloban City. Bands that will perform on the different locations are Sugarfree, Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, Brownman Revival and many others.

For the people who will be attending the Kick Off Parties at the Bayview Park in Roxas Boulevard and Taal Vista in Tagaytay will get the chance to win Eraserheads Final Set Concert tickets. They’ll be giving it away to 2500 lucky Eraserheads fans.

Of course, there will be beach parties that’s gonna happen throughout the Philippines. Sustaining beach parties will be hapening in Iba, Zambales and Puerto Galera. The schedules for other beaches are as follows:
April 11- Mindoro
San Fabian, Pangasinan; San juan, Batangas; Bantayan Island, Cebu – May 2
Gen. Luna, Siargao-May 13.

San Miguel Beer Valentine’s Party at SMC Parking Lot, Feb. 13, 2009

San Miguel had their heart’s day celebration at the parking lot opposite San Miguel Corp last Feb. 12 and 13. We were invited to attend the 13th with Soapdish, Kamikazee and Mocha Girls as their guest performers. I hope we were also able to attend the 12th because Sugarfree was there (too bad I have work the next day). Anyway, we got VIP tickets and had some free beer. We also got the chance to see the band (and the girls) up close since we were literally infront of the stage. Lucky I was in this event and not in UP Fair. I guess you have heard the UP Fair riot happened that night as well.

The event’s theme was sort of like a high school fair because they have booths such as jail booth, tarot card reading, etc. It actually made me remember the high school fairs I have attended while I was still studying in an exclusive school opposite the archer’s area (Get it? hehe). Continue reading “San Miguel Beer Valentine’s Party at SMC Parking Lot, Feb. 13, 2009”

Duster’s “Sweetheart Snackbar” Album Launch: Better Wear Your Duster and Curlers!

Yes that is correct, wear your duster and curlers too so that you can get a special prize! This is according to Rock Ed’s Founder and Executive Director, Gang Badoy. I don’t know if I will come like a homie momma, haha. I’ll probably wear the curlers then I need to gain enough courage to wear the duster. Hehe. Well anyway, I haven’t watched them perform live yet but I have heard their songs already. Now this is my chance to see them live! This is a Rock Ed event so please support. Continue reading “Duster’s “Sweetheart Snackbar” Album Launch: Better Wear Your Duster and Curlers!”

Marcus Adoro’s Violator Copy, The Combi and Cubao X

It was supposed to be just another Saturday gimmick for me. Karla and I decided to watch Makoy’s Violator Copy on a Saturday because I have work during weekdays. On the web, it was supposedly scheduled at 6:00 pm but when we got there (Robinson’s Galleria) it was scheduled for 7:30 pm. I got to see the Circus Listers at the theater entrance, they were going to see the film as well.

Violator Copy is a compilation of Marcus Adoro’s video works. The latest short film that he did was “The Artist Is In” which was last year and at last I was able to see it. This isn’t your typical film with dialogues in it; I would probably say that the film talked to its audience through the sound of the surroundings and the non-existence of sound. The lead character, the artist, quietly thinks of song writing ideas inside his room while on the other hand the outside world is full of noise. This shows the difficulty of some artists in the urban setting. I also thought of the struggle of an artist to squeeze their creativity juices given a little amount of time. There are deadlines to make but sometimes creativity lags behind and couldn’t cope under time pressure. It could be hypothesized that a typical day for an everyday worker, perhaps with expected tasks, is almost the same as an artist in under time pressure. Making art would become just like a normal activity and feeling of pleasure is gone. Continue reading “Marcus Adoro’s Violator Copy, The Combi and Cubao X”

“13 Seconds to Love”: Kjwan’s Album Launch at the A.Venue, Makati

13 Seconds to Love Kjwan Album Launch

(photo by Karla Redor)

The long wait is over as Kjwan has just launched its 3rd album, “13 Seconds to Love” last Feb 6 at the A. Venue Concert Hall in Makati. We were able to get in by showing our December-January issue of Pulp Magazine. The gig didn’t start early as promised, it actually started around 9 pm. Karla and I were literally at the middle front of the stage meaning, we got the best view among the rest 😉 . the event was complete: great music from Kjwan and the other bands, sexy ladies and of course Red Horse were everywhere! Hehe.

Anyway, the first band who performed was Even (Redhorse Musiklaban 2009 champion). It was my first time to see them live, though I was at the Redhorse Musiklaban where they competed with other bands ( I heard them during their performance from the outside of Marikina Sports Complex then). They were really amazing, Dyanne Licudine (band’s vocalist) looked simple but her voice was whole and very powerful.  They don’t sound amateur, really. I would call their music metrolica (metal+electronica), hmm I imagine it as a fusion of Limp Bizkit, Quezo and A Perfect Circle. Continue reading ““13 Seconds to Love”: Kjwan’s Album Launch at the A.Venue, Makati”

UPDATE: Advanced Tickets for Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live at the Music Museum

Ok, as promised guys here are the details on how to get the advanced tickets for this exciting gig. If you are into moshpits and would hate to watch a concert sitting down better get these advanced tickets as early as now.

  • There will be advance selling of tickets orchestra seats (kindly refer to the seat plan map above) starting February 5 (which is at 8:00 am today). Amount of the advanced orchestra seats will be Php 1200 + 5% service charge= Php 1260. The “first paid, first served” policy will be implemented.
  • How do I purchase the advanced orchestra tickets?
    1. Text Wolfgang text line 0906-1035333 from 8am to 8pm to ask for the Banco De Oro BDO account details.
    2. Deposit payment (P 1,260 x number of tickets) at specified BDO account
    3. Text the following details ASAP to the Wolfgang Text line (8am to 8pm only) – Name – Email Address -Number of Tickets -Amount deposited -BDO branch -Date and time of deposit ( as seen on the transaction slip validation).
    4. A confirmation email with your seat assignments will be sent: within 24 hours (for weekday deposits, daily cut off is 4:30pm), Within 30 hours ( those deposited after 4:30pm cut off, Mon-Thurs and Sunday deposits) or up to 3 full days max (Friday after 4:30pm and Saturday deposits)
    5. We will also text you once we have sent confirmation email .
    6. Claim tickets on the day of the show (March 19, 2009) at the Music Museum from 4pm to 8pm Bring valid ID and validated BDO transaction slip plus email print out.

    (information copied from Wolfgang’s Multiply)

As for me, I’m already reserved at the orchestra area. Woohoo! See yah guys!

Are you ready for this? Things to do before the Eraserheads Final Set Concert

This photo was just uploaded hours ago by Marcus Adoro (through his multiply site, photo taken by Mohawkmom). Just like good old days but this time with a higher rockstar status 😉 . Woot! Rock on!

Let me just give you some Eheads final set preparations that you can do:

  1. Starting now, try to recall the lyrics of their songs so that you can be part of the grand videoke party on the gig itself. You can probably do 1 album at a time, be creative. Don’t forget their rare songs, you might be surprised that they might perform it. It’s pathetic that you only know the common ones like Alapaap, Huling El Bimbo, Magasin and many more.
  2. Try to go to the gigs of their respective bands. They perform in small clubs like Saguijo, 70’s Bistro, Route 196. It’s also one way of moving on from the Eheads Era. Continue reading “Are you ready for this? Things to do before the Eraserheads Final Set Concert”

Gary Granada vs. GMA 7: Copyright Issues

Gary Granada, an established composer and lyricist in the Philippines, complained about the illegal use of his music by GMA Kapuso Foundation and Procter and Gamble. If you have been watching the GMA 7 recently, they are already airing the jingle (with Mel Tiangco as the lead character). Listen to the recording above to understand why Gary Granada is upset about it. You don’t need to be a music major to understand where he is coming from.

After listening to it, again the issue of intellectual property rights comes to mind. Why do some people have problems in acknowledging other people’s work? Is that so hard to do? Why do people STEAL other people’s work? Probably some people are too ashamed to admit that they are not knowledgeable about it or probably it’s just plain LAZINESS. Continue reading “Gary Granada vs. GMA 7: Copyright Issues”