“Nakita Kita Sa Isang Magasin”: Ely Buendia on Maxim May 2009 Issue

Oh yes, Ely Buendia will be in the Maxim Philippines May 2009 issue. Will he be on the cover?  Nah? It’s a men’s magazine, duhh. Geneva Cruz is on the cover of the magazine.

Ely has a fashion pictorial feature, together with the rest of the Pupil boys as well. Oohh, can’t wait to see this. Also, Diane Ventura had a sit down interview, narrating her side of being allegedly tagged as “Yoko Ono” of the Philippines. There shouldn’t be any fuzz about this anymore, oh well.

They also featured Chico Sci, Hilera, Ryan Cayabyab and many more. You can view the cover here.

Great Musical Fusion at the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour

The Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour happened last April 17, 2009. The highlight of the event was the awesome collaboration of Nyco Maca and Cynthia Alexander. By the way, they will be the Philippine representatives to the Jack Daniel’s Music Event to be held in Singapore on May 2009. The event was by invitation only (thanks to Chris Ramos for the tickets! 😉 ). There were some familiar faces in the crowd; fellow gig-goers in Saguijo and other joints for local bands.

I was there around 9 pm and of course it wouldn’t start at once since it’s too early so while waiting for the crowd to fill up, DJ Ralph Roy of Circa provided the house music for everyone to chill out. Moving on, the first band started to play and didn’t even mention their name during their set. The band’s name is Hiway 69 which played great music. It set the mood for the audience. I was just able to get to know their name at the middle of the show.  😉 . The hosts (Sib Lucero and a girl who I didn’t hear the name) of the show appeared after the first band. The girl host was onstage with topless men while Sib was on the side stage with the Hooter girls. I recognized one of the topless men with tie on the neck: he was one of the bouncers in the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last August 2008. Next band that performed was KO Jones which played classic rock.  Great set as well. Continue reading “Great Musical Fusion at the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour”

Silent Sanctuary’s Album Launch: Mistaken for Granted

Silent Sanctuary launched their second studio album entitled “Mistaken for Granted” last March 30 at Cubao X. It took them two years to have a follow up on their fiirst studio album which was “Fucshiang Pag-ibig”. Just a bit of a trivia, they had an independent release way back with a different vocalist so technically, they have 3 albums. I was just wondering why the host kept on saying that it’s the second album when it’s really the third. It somewhat neglects the history of the band which was important because that was when the band started. Probably it’s better to say “it’s the band’s second studio album” which I deem more appropriate. Continue reading “Silent Sanctuary’s Album Launch: Mistaken for Granted”

Manila International Auto Show 2009 + Russ Swift Precision Driving Stunts

I’m no driver (yet 😉 ) but I love looking at nice cars. I was invited to the country’s biggest motoring event, the Manila International Auto Show, held at the World Trade Center in Manila. The event started from April 2nd and will end on April 5th. This is the 5th year that Worldbex has been organizing this motoring event. Aside from the flashy and really cool cars, there are some things that are in store for this event. Continue reading “Manila International Auto Show 2009 + Russ Swift Precision Driving Stunts”

My Dreams of Becoming Immortalized in an Eraserheads Concert Has Come True!

This is the screenshot of me in my Eheads freak-o-mania during the Eraserheads Final Set Concert. Haha! Smart has released the official videos online which you can view and even embed in your own blogs (like what I did here). Just visit this site (follow the instructions) and you can already start viewing the videos. This is good quality dude so it’s really worth watching!

My dreams of being immortalized in an Eraserheads reunion concert has come true! Haha. My life is complete. No need for Centrum. Lol. Continue reading “My Dreams of Becoming Immortalized in an Eraserheads Concert Has Come True!”

Urbandub Yehey! Chat Event

Yehey! organized a chat event for Urbandub fans last April 4 (Thursday) from 2:00-4:00 pm. Special thanks to Yehey! for inviting me to chat beside Urbandub! I was late but it was fine because I got to talk to one of my favorite bands. It’s really a yehey moment. Hehe.

The band was incomplete, it was only Gabby, Lalay and John there. Janjan (the drummer) wasn’t around. Urbandub fans got the chance to talk to their favorite band; Urbandub didn’t hesitate in answering the questions whether it’s serious or silly. Franco Reyes (one of the band’s good friends) was there also but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch him. Dang! Continue reading “Urbandub Yehey! Chat Event”

Duster Band Round Table Interview

Duster Interview - 1

A fellow blogger requested me (and Karla) to be part of the round table interview with Duster last Wednesday. Because I am a fan of this band, I immediately agreed to be there 😉 .

The Duster Round Table Interview was initiated by Sony BMG (Duster’s record label) and of course some members of the media were there. I wasn’t really prepared for my questions because there were still errands to do so when Karla and I sat together on the table while waiting for the other media to come, that’s the time we were thinking of the questions 😉 . Haha, talk about professionalism.

The Duster ladies entered the small function room and sat infront of the media. The girl from Fudge Magazine started with her questions then other followed as well. I injected my questions whenever it’s related to their questions. Continue reading “Duster Band Round Table Interview”

Archipelago Will Be Releasing Studio Album Entitled “Travel Advisory” Soon

Archipelago is a band composed of Yan Yuzon on vocals/guitars, Pat Tirano on guitars, Chad Rialp on bass and Wendell Garcia on drums. They have already released their first single “MRI” and has earned a fan base because of this song. I personally loved this song as it sounded gothic and melancholic at the same time. Kinda gives me the old school sound of 90’s rock. By the way, this song won the Silver Prize, Best Rock Song at the 2009 Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) based in Malaysia. Listen to the acoustic version of MRI:

MRI – Archipelago

The band will be releasing their 2nd single on April 11th and the most exciting part is that they will be releasing their album entitled “Travel Advisory” soon! I have been longing to have this album becuase I am interested to hear the other songs as well. The band is also celebrating its 1st anniversary. Happy anniversary guys!