Spread Awareness About Human Trafficking with MTV Exit

Caged Prostitutes in Japan photo credit: Okinawa Soba

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings and their use by criminals to make money. That could mean deceiving and/or forcing people into prostitution, domestic servitude or manual labor.

It is a tragic form of modern-day slavery and is one of the most urgent human rights problems in the region.

MTV Exit

Human traffickers target individuals who are eager to elevate their status in life. These criminals woo their targets by luring them with false promises of a bright future. The so-called “victims” are trapped in the (un)safe houses of these syndicates – controlling every move of their modern day slaves. Calling them ‘victims’ would only make them powerless and we need to also change this kind of ‘victim’ mentality. Continue reading “Spread Awareness About Human Trafficking with MTV Exit”

My Own SM North Edsa Story To Tell

SM malls are part of Philippine culture and each Filipino has their own SM story to tell. If you ask a Filipino about their SM story, they’ll definitely have something to tell about it.

SM North Edsa, being the second largest mall in the world, still continues to expand to make a difference globally and make a mark as well in Philippine mall culture. This mall is situated in an area which becomes a stop over for individuals who intend to go to Northern Metro Manila or CAMANAVA area (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela). Aside from being a gateway to Northern Metro Manila, it is also the gateway to the Northern provinces in the Philippines such as Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, Nueva Ecija and many more. One cannot miss seeing this mall because of its size; one can already view this mall from afar. Continue reading “My Own SM North Edsa Story To Tell”

Sandbox: Social Networking Website for the Filipino On-The-Go

Sandbox is the newest Filipino social networking website which became operational a few months ago. I know that you are already already saying to yourself “What? Another social networking website?” but for Sandbox,this one is different because it is developed by creative minds here in the Philippines. By the way, it’s brought to you by Smart. Continue reading “Sandbox: Social Networking Website for the Filipino On-The-Go”

SM Sky Garden

SM North Edsa, the second largest mall in the whole world, has innovated itself by creating the Sky Garden which will become one of the major attractions of this mall. The SM Sky Garden is the elevated and exterior walkway that connects the 3 separate buildings of SM North Edsa namely Annex, The Block and the main mall. Strolling in the mall wouldn’t be the same because of the green surroundings in this walkway. This will also become the nature barrier between you and the busy streets of EDSA. Bloggers were able to experience walking around it last May 23rd before it will be formally opened to the public on May 29th.

giant waterfall

Continue reading “SM Sky Garden”

Bring Your Dogs to the PAWS Charity Dinner

One thing you probably don’t about me is that I own a dog. I actually own an 8-year old chihuahua named Berns and has been with me for a long time. This adorable dog is special because he has a home and a family that takes good care of him.

Not all dogs are fortunate like my chihuahua. There are dogs that are abused and left homeless in the streets. The Philippine government cannot sustain providing a good shelter for the homeless dogs that they found in the streets. It’s a good thing, one Non-Government Organization called PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) have their own rehabilitation site for homeless dogs (and even cats and other domesticated animals) to temporarily live in. Continue reading “Bring Your Dogs to the PAWS Charity Dinner”

Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked

Fully Booked, one of the leading bookstores in the Philippines, had their Free Comic Book Day today. The free comic books were available at all Fully Booked branches nationwide. I got mine at Fully Booked SM North The Block while we were waiting for the SM Sky Garden Bloggers Event. Continue reading “Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked”

Blogging Live at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 *updated*

The Crowd (Photo by Karla Redor)

I am currently at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome for the Mossimo Bikini Summit. This is the last leg for the SM North Edsa Sky Garden Bloggers Event which started at 11 am followed by watching the newest film of Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum 2. Special thanks to SM for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in the city at the Sky Garden. Continue reading “Blogging Live at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 *updated*”

Ely Buendia’s Levi’s Jacket Finally Signed

Signed Jacket - 2

Remember that I was one of the people who got Ely Buendia’s jacket during the Eraserheads Final Set last March 7? Well, I already asked him to sign my part of it last time during the One for the Roadie event at Mag:Net High Street. I approached him during Peryodiko’s set while he was holding his glass of red wine near the entrance of the bar. Continue reading “Ely Buendia’s Levi’s Jacket Finally Signed”

Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event

Road managers a.k.a ‘roadies’ play a very important role for the bands. They are the ones who make sure that everything is ok before the band goes onstage. They help the band bring their equipments, make sure that their guitars are in tune, the amplifiers’ volume are just right, the band have their beer or water near them etc. I remembered Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project said “Hindi kusang lilipad ang gitara kay Rico Blanco pagkatapos niyang kantahin ang linyang Liwanag… (from the song Liwanag sa Dilim)  at hindi rin lulutang ang gitara kapag hinahagis ang gitara sa ere” – (it’s already paraphrased but it’s something like that 😉 ). It’s funny but it’s true. The roadies make sure that these rockstars can show off their rockstar stunts to the audience.

Too bad that most of the roadies don’t have health benefits that would at least protect them from the expensive hospital bills in case something happens to them. This is the reason why Rock Ed organized this kind of event to raise funds for them to have health cards. The event was held at Mag:Net High Street last May 9th. Different bands participated in this event to give health cards to their respective roadies. I also helped in going around with a donation box to add money to the health fund. Continue reading “Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event”

The New Red Horse Muziklaban: “Bago Na Ang Labanan!”

The Red Horse Muziklaban has been widely known to be a battle of different rock bands from all over the Phillippines. Now after a decade of focusing on rock bands, Red Horse has decided to expand its horizons by also catering to other lifestyles such as tattoo design, extreme sports and indie films. Interesting huh?

Aside from Joey “Pepe” Smith being the endorser of Red Horse beer (representing the Pinoy Rock lifestyle), he will be joined by RA Rivera (indie film), Armand Mariano (BMX Rider) and Ricky Sta. Ana (tattoo designer) in endorsing the different lifestyles that Muziklaban caters to its audience. The reason for adding other lifestyles in Muziklaban is to be able to let non-rockers to relate to the brand. The new ad for Muziklaban with the Pepe Smith, RA Rivera, Armand Mariano and Ricky Sta. Ana is already being aired in local television. Continue reading “The New Red Horse Muziklaban: “Bago Na Ang Labanan!””