Puma Archive Uncovered Manila Gig

Isn’t it cool seeing and hearing your favorite bands perform cover songs every once in a while? Puma paved way for some of our local bands to let Pupil, Imago, Up Dharma Down, Drip, Taken by Cars, Camerawalls and Sleepwalk Circus show their own renditions of classic pop and rock songs. I got the chance to be invited to the Puma Archive Uncovered Manila gig last September 18 (I know it’s a month late, I’m a full time worker ok? 🙂 ).

If you’re going to ask me, my favorite cover song would be “Ready to Go” by Taken By Cars which was originally sung by Republica.  I believe that the song really suits them because Sarah’s energy matches the fast beats of the song. Plus, I got the chance to see the their new bassist/singer Isa Garcia perform for the first time!
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ROCK MED: A Medicine Drive Concert for the Typhoon Survivors

It’s never too late to help for the survivors of the recent typhoons. Rock Ed will be having its ROCK MED: A Medicine Drive Concert for the Recent Typhoon Survivors. This will be a free concert and all you have to do is to donate medicines such for cold, cough, fever, anti-fungal creams, medical supplies, first aid kits to enter the concert premises. You may also opt to buy medicines from Unilab at the venue.

October 25, 2009, Sunday,6pm
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My First Taste of the Cebu Band Scene

Sugbuanon “Tabi Po”

Cebu is a good place to see the best Filipino rock bands. Last weekend (October 16-19), I went to Cebu for the Visayan leg of the Philippine Blog Awards. I arrived in Cebu at around 10 pm. Had dinner with blogger friends and on our way home, we heard the sound of live bands. I’ve been dying to see Cebu based bands. I’m only familiar with the popular ones such as Urbandub, Faspitch, Shiela and the Insects and Jr. Kilat.

Karla and I came to Mango Square, a district filled with bars and establishments. It was a Friday night so everyone’s out chilling out. We didn’t know that it was a free concert by Tanduay Rhum Rock Fest so we decided to watch just one band perform because we’re really tired.

We got the chance to see Sugbuanon, a neo-tribal band. Their music is actually good. They combined tribal instruments with electric guitars, bass and drums. We only heard 3 songs from them, one of which was a cover of a popular song by Yano which is “Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo”. The vocalist of the band titled the song “St. Bernard vs. Red Horse”. I didn’t get it at first but when they played the intro, I already knew why he titled it like that. They gave a tribal flavor to the song. I actually appreciated their rendition of Yano’s song.

Anyway, they played mostly original songs. The video I took above was an original song entitled “Tabi Po”. Their music is like a combination of Joey Ayala, Pinikpikan and Yano. Actually, the vocalist reminded me of Dong Abay 🙂 .

The crowd was relatively “tamed”. There were people dancing and trying to slam but generally, they’re ok. Well, probably because the bands there weren’t really worth “slamming”?

I wish I stayed longer as I learned from a forum just now that Sheila and the Insects and Jr. Kilat were also there. Huhu, I didn’t get the chance to see them live! Oh well, I want to go back to Cebu and just watch bands there because I’m curious to know more about the Cebu band scene. 🙂

Pursuing Rock and Roll Dreams through Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool


I’ve been listening to local bands since I was young and just like an ordinary kid who admired bands; I wanted to have my own. Living near the guitar shops in Sta. Mesa gave me hope that one day, I will have my own guitar. And so, I did have one. My parents surprised me one day with a guitar lying on our sofa coming home from school. I was in my 5th grade then. I learned to play the guitar on my own from the song hits lying around the house. Those chord charts at the centrefold really helped me hone my guitar playing. Eventually, my dad enrolled me to a music school to learn classical guitar playing. I got bored with it, so after a year, I decided to self-study and played my favourite rock tunes. Then high school came, I was active in playing the guitar for the school choir. I was enjoying it, but still, no band mates. Then I entered college, there were lots of potential band mates however time did not permit me because I was busy balancing studies and org activities. Continue reading “Pursuing Rock and Roll Dreams through Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool”

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2009 Party

San Miguel Beermen, Execs and Oktobabes Toasting

San Miguel Beermen, Executives and Oktobabes Ceremonial Beer Toast

“Times may be difficult but for fun-loving Filipinos, life goes on”.

This is San Miguel Beer’s press release for this year which I believe is very relevant on what is happening in the country today due to the recent super typhoon Ondoy. But even though how difficult our lives may have been and will be, we Filipinos still manage to smile.

The recent San Miguel Oktoberfest Party happened last September 25 at the Coyuito Parking Lot in Ortigas Center, was the night the rains our pouring non-stop. I thought that the event will be canceled but they pushed it through. We were sheltered by the air-conditioned tent that San Miguel provided. Continue reading “San Miguel Oktoberfest 2009 Party”