Paskuhang Pupil 2009


Mailing lists in the cyberspace have existed a long time ago and bands these days are taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with their fans both online and offline. On the other hand, the fans also take advantage of that situation because this is the exclusive time a band offers to their fans. Nowadays, clubs allow a handful of bands to perform every night which lessens that set list they’re allowed to perform (usually 3-5 songs per set).

I believe that it was in the late 90’s or early 2000 when local Filipino bands organized lister’s night parties. I remembered some bands such as the Eraserheads, The Dawn, Rivermaya organizing those parties. I was able to attend listers nights of Eraserheads years ago and then few months was The Dawn. Each and every lister’s night I’ve attended in the past and the present were fun and have realized the differences among their crowds. Continue reading “Paskuhang Pupil 2009”

*UPDATED* If You Don’t Want To Spend More for A Christmas Gift…

schutzen notebooks


Then join my contest here and be one of the three winners of these cool Schutzen notebooks!

Schutzen notebooks are not like your ordinary notebooks because of its quality. The cover itself is made of leather so you’re sure that it will last a long time. There are fillers available in major bookstores in case every page is filled up. The paper is very smooth and you’ll definitely enjoy writing on it. I currently have a perpetual planner also from Schutzen which has the same type of paper as the notebooks in the picture and I liked the smoothness of the paper. Aside from being a normal notebook, they all have card slots and post it notes! These notebooks are priced at around Php 300 – 500 so if you win one of these, you won’t have to spend that much money! Continue reading “*UPDATED* If You Don’t Want To Spend More for A Christmas Gift…”

*EXTENDED UNTIL JAN. 31 2010!* Create Your Style With Puma and Win P20,000 Worth of Puma Stuff!

Puma Store Greenbelt 5

Bands have their own style, whether they consciously or unconsciously thought of it. I just loved how band members themselves take the effort of choosing the clothes they wear whenever they go on stage. Nothing really extravagant is needed, for as long as it looks good and fits well on them.

A few days ago, I was invited to the Create Your Style event of Puma in Greenbelt 5. Two of the band endorsers of Puma, Up Dharma Down and Drip, performed to show their Puma style. Honestly, I was quite excited to see them again because they’re two of my favorite local bands. Continue reading “*EXTENDED UNTIL JAN. 31 2010!* Create Your Style With Puma and Win P20,000 Worth of Puma Stuff!”

Rock the Riles 2009 Begs Justice for Maguindanao Victims

Gang Badoy of Rock Ed at Rock the Riles 09

Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines

Rock the Riles is the biggest event of Rock Ed Philippines which happens every year. For the past years, I have been wanting to be part of this event but unfortunately, due to some reasons, could not make it. But now, I really made sure that I will be able to attend this timely event.

Rock the Riles happens every Sunday which is closest to Human Rights Day. This is composed of 8 simultaneous concerts and film showings in MRT stations such as Taft, Ayala, Buendia, Boni, Shaw, Cubao, Quezon Avenue and North Avenue.  I volunteered to be part of the event and decided to stay at the Shaw MRT Station. I was there at around 2:30 pm and stayed until the last band, Paramita, played at 7:30 pm. The permit was until 7 pm but some stations such as Shaw Blvd, Ayala, Buendia and Cubao had to go overtime. Some bands in Cubao and Buendia Stations weren’t able to continue to play because the MRT officials there had to pull the plug. Glad that Shaw Blvd and Ayala Station bands were able to finish performing; well it’s really the prerogative of each station manager. Continue reading “Rock the Riles 2009 Begs Justice for Maguindanao Victims”

The Killers Live in Manila!

The Killers Live in Manila Poster

I was totally surprised that The Killers will be performing here in Manila. I got really excited because if I’ll be watching,I can hear them perform “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” live! BUT I am still not sure if I am going, I still need to check on my finances if I can shell out money for this 🙁 . I really wanna watch but it’s still tentative. Oh well, I’m just giving you guys a heads up on this. If you will be able to watch this, I’m happy for you but as of now, I still need to make ends meet. Hehe.