Puma Presents: Drip x 3


Drip has become one of my favorite local acts in Manila because of their distinct electronica sound and the soothing voice of Beng. It’s exciting to know that the band will be launching 3 music videos for their songs “Turning Grey”, “Blind” and “Bloodletting”. All of these 3 videos took 2 years in the making so I am quite excited to finally see those songs as music videos. Another good news is that they will be performing some of their new songs from their Spanish album which they collaborated with Instituto Cervantes as a tribute to a Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez. The event is free so anybody can come and join us. By the way, this event is sponsored by Puma. Continue reading “Puma Presents: Drip x 3”

San Miguel “Pilsen Time Na” Press Launch

In 1984, San Miguel Beer released a TV ad entitled, “Isang Platitong Mani” which featured popular Filipino icons such as β€œFlash” Elorde, pop icon Rico J. Puno, billiards champion Amang Parica and legendary jockey Eduardo Domingo. The ad became very popular and in 2009, San Miguel Beer made a remake of that famous TV ad which featured the newest endorsers from showbiz and sports industries such are Michael V. , Derek Ramsey, Efren “Bata” Reyes and Manny Pacquiao. This was where we heard the phrase “roasted highland legumes”, the English translation of the common finger foods that we Filipinos (and other beer-drinking nationalities) love to nibble whenever we have a round of beer. Continue reading “San Miguel “Pilsen Time Na” Press Launch”

2009 Pinoy Rock Scene Highlights

I must say that the Pinoy Rock Scene rocked in 2009. Here are some of the highlights:

Before 2009 Ended, Friends (Re)United and Wincy is the New Mong

2:31 am, 1st of January 2010. Happy new year and thanks for being a part of my 2009!

Generally, 2009 has been good to me. My career and personal life is doing well and so far I haven’t encountered any big problems yet. Hopefully this will be a refreshing start in my career.


Days before 2009 year ended, I was fortunate to have spent it with my different sets of friends. First is the wedding of my blogger friends, Jay De Jesus and Aileen Apollo-De Jesus last 26th December. This is the official merging of Google Philippines and Titikpilipino.com. πŸ˜€ (not in the business sense, ok? hehe). Congratulations to the both of you and may you have beautiful children! Although your bridal car did not arrive on your wedding day, what’s important is that you were able to say your “I do’s”. Sue them afterwards so that they’ll have a dose of their bitter medicine. πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Before 2009 Ended, Friends (Re)United and Wincy is the New Mong”