Lally Buendia is Domino

Lally Buendia of Domino at Capone's 2

Lally Buendia is Domino

I remember back in college (circa 2006 – 2006), I was desperately seeking for Domino’s album. My friend’s ex-boyfriend had it but unfortunately, he couldn’t find it anymore thus, I resorted to downloading the album from somewhere in cyberspace (at least I’m disclosing this 😉 )  Domino released their debut album entitled “Fair Tales” through Viva Records circa 2003 but it was a short release. I think I was in Pinoy rock hiatus at sometime during my college life that’s why I wasn’t able to buy this album. Sadness.

It was during the benefit gig in Capone’s last April 28th when I first saw Lally Buendia perform with her band. Not really sure of the current line up is, all I know is that Lally Buendia is Domino. Her brother, Ely Buendia, also performed with her onstage. Ely let her sister shine, no pa-star effect. He’s just at the background playing the synths. At least I was a bit familiar with their songs, they performed “Cat Eyes”, “Provocatrice” and a new song which was French. Not really sure what the title was I guess it’ll be included in the new album.  Continue reading “Lally Buendia is Domino”

Sugar Hiccup is Back!

Sugar Hiccup 6

Jeanette Reyes – Jorge of Sugar Hiccup

I’ve been a fan of the band Sugar Hiccup since I first heard their first album, Oracle. It was released in 1995 and was still in grade school then. This was one of the few tapes that I bought by saving money from my daily allowance. I was totally mesmerized by the uniqueness of this band. With Melody Del Mundo’s voice, dreamy and minimalist lyrics, I was blown by the this band. I’ve only seen them perform live once, it was during the 1896 Ang Pagsilang Concert at the Folk Arts Theater circa 1996. Continue reading “Sugar Hiccup is Back!”

Silly Pop Gothic Tunes Courtesy of Tanya Markova

Tanya Markova’s album is my current LSS (last song syndrome) for the past few days. I’ve been hearing their song “Picture Picture” in NU 107 for the past weeks and just recently got a hold of their entire album. My friends hate me for singing the “Picture Picture” over and over again. Haha, sorry friends, but I can’t really get it out of my head!

Their album contains 16 tracks but some of them are short fillers. When I first played the album, I can’t help but laugh because of the funny mismatched lyrics and situations combined with girly-man voices, melodious tunes and pop goth. It’s like hearing Ang Bandang Shirley (without a real female vocalist like Selena), slightly tamed Parokya ni Edgar in the Khangkungkernitz era, pop attitude of the Eraserheads in the Ultraelectromagneticpop era, Dodong Cruz and Queen in one. Interesting huh? They definitely reminded me of the Pinoy 90’s rock era. Their band formed in 2004 and when I learned about this, where the f*ck was I and didn’t discover this way, way back? I guess I was in Pinoy Rock hiatus then. Continue reading “Silly Pop Gothic Tunes Courtesy of Tanya Markova”