The Aftermath of Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz and Slapshock

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Greyhoundz and Slapshock are known to perform hard metal music but this time, they toned down their amps for the Splintr Unplugged gig held last night at the Teatrino, Promenade Mall Greenhills. This is actually the 2nd part of Splintr Unplugged, last week it was Sino Sikat? and Typecast. I heard they were awesome as well but I was after the hard metal bands to perform unplugged. Continue reading “The Aftermath of Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz and Slapshock”

San Miguel Light Party All Night

smb light party

Clubbing seems to be the new term for disco or rave partying for this generation. I think I was part of the rave party generation but never really got the hang of it. It was only recently when I learned about the new term called “Clubbing”. It was only recently when I first went to Encore Super Club (formerly called Embassy) for the media launch of the San Mig Light Party All Night which will happen on June 25 – 26 (6 pm – 6 am) at the SMX Convention Centre. You might be surprised seeing this article here but don’t get me wrong, a band enthusiast like me can still appreciate other genres. :p Continue reading “San Miguel Light Party All Night”

In Love and War by Ely Buendia and Francis M: An Album Review

In Love and War Album Cover

Two real life friends, Ely Buendia and Francis M., were once struggling each of their personal battles and showed to the whole world that their diseases/illnesses will not hinder their passion to make music. Clearly, the collaboration of musical talents of these two individuals created good music together. Even though Francis M. is not here anymore to hear the full album, his legacy lives on as one of the most talented artists in the Filipino music industry. Continue reading “In Love and War by Ely Buendia and Francis M: An Album Review”

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz, Slapshock, Sino Sikat? and Typecast

Splintr Unplugged

Hearing your favorite band unplugged is a different kind of experience. This is to test the flexibility of the band to adjust, not only the volume of their amps and their guitar distortions, but taming their hardcore rock genre a bit. will be holding 2 separate unplugged concerts on June 19 and June 26 at the Teatrino, Promenade Mall Greenhills. Performances on June 19 will be Sino Sikat? and Typecast while on June 26th will be Greyhoundz and Slapshock. Tickets are sold for only Php 475 for 1 night but if you will decide to buy for the 2 separate nights, you’ll get them for only Php 850. Buy your tickets now because only 200 tickets will be sold as you know Teatrino is a small venue and this will make sure that buyers will have their ultimate acoustic experience of these bands. By the way, the show will be directed by Quark Henares.

See you there!