The Home of NU Rock No More?

(photo from NU 107 website)

Rumor has it that NU 107.5 will now be reformatting to become more appealing to the “masa” and bigger crowd. Will this be the start of its new tagline, “Home of Nu Pop”? Got this news from a Facebook note of a former NU 107 jock, Jaedee (which she also posted in her blog here). Hmm, was this the reason that Quark Henares was being reminiscent of previous NU Rock Awards in Facebook? Continue reading “The Home of NU Rock No More?”

Doki Album Premier

Finally Doki will be releasing their debut album soon and you will have the chance to hear them all live on Oct 30th. This will be at the Votre Bar, #42-A 2/F Eugenio Lopez, Sr. Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, (corner of ABS-CBN). The album won’t be available yet on Oct 30th but definitely it will be released soon. Hope to see you at the listening party!

Yey, I got an Electrico CD!

HMV Record Store in Somerset, Singapore

Electrico is a Singaporean band that I have been dying to own a CD of. Because they’re based in Singapore, I can’t get a copy of their album here in Manila. I believe there were only a few copies that were sold in record stores then. Even though Electrico already went here in Manila in 2008 and 2009, we never got the chance to see their live gigs here in Manila because of various reasons. We. are. such. losers. Huhu. Electrico’s sound is pop rock. They somewhat remind me of Coldplay and Rivermaya (when Rico Blanco was there there).  Also, they’re one of the most popular bands in Singapore. Some say that they define “Singa – Rock” (Singaporean Rock). Continue reading “Yey, I got an Electrico CD!”