Soundtripping Now: Limiters of the Infinity Pool by Pupil

Pupil Listeners Party - Limiters of the Infinity Pool-0032

Fresh from the Listener’s Party at Robot Bar, I am now listening the third album of Pupil entitled Limiters of the Infinity Pool at home. The album isn’t released yet and not sure when it will be released at the record bars. Glad to be one of the first to grab a copy. Just hate it that someone stole the album Karla bought for me. Thanks to Ryan for giving me her free copy. I owe you! Continue reading “Soundtripping Now: Limiters of the Infinity Pool by Pupil”

Last Week It Was Ebe, Now Bamboo? (How to Deal With a Band Break Up)

Bamboo during the MTV Exit gig in 2009

Ok, ok. Now here it goes again. It’s the season of popular and influential vocalists leaving bands. Although it is heartbreaking for us fans to hear this, WE MUST MOVE ON. Band vocalists have their personal reasons why they have to leave their respective bands. If it’s heartbreaking for us, it is definitely heartbreaking for them. Oh, sorry, forgot to tell you that Bamboo (the band), allegedly has called it quits as of today, Jan 10, 2011 (according to KC Montero’s tweet). On the other hand, Sugarfree hasn’t called quits yet, many say that they are not disbanding yet and that Ebe will be the only one who’ll be leaving the band. No official statement from Bamboo yet. Let’s wait and see. Continue reading “Last Week It Was Ebe, Now Bamboo? (How to Deal With a Band Break Up)”

Why Are You Leaving Sugarfree, Ebe?

Dear Ebe,

I saw your tweet yesterday and you said that you will be leaving Sugarfree. Why oh why Ebe? I won’t be selfish, if you decide to part ways with the band. Does this mean that Sugarfree will already disband? Before it was the Eraserheads that I really mourned for when they disbanded and now Sugarfree? Huhu.Good luck and in case you form another band, I will definitely support it. Don’t worry, I am not a purist. 🙂

Thank you for the music and hope to hear more from you in the future.

Your fan,