Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan – Happy 100th Birthday Coke!

Basti Artadi at Coke Concert ng Bayan 4

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang

Coca-Cola recently held their Concert ng Bayan to celebrate their 100th year of existence. Yes, 100 years. All I know is that Coke has been existing since I was born and has been part of our family meals.

I was able to catch the Concert ng Bayan at the Mall of Asia last March 23rd. We got our tickets and headed to where we’re supposed to be. I didn’t imagine that there’ll be seats but yes, there were. It’s not just seats, they’re reserved seats (at the VIP section). In my opinion, this was the most organized open-area concert I’ve ever attended. I’m not used to it so Karla and I decided to go near the fence so that we can be with the crowd and take some photos. Continue reading “Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan – Happy 100th Birthday Coke!”