A Glimpse of Doki’s First Album

Doki Album Premier - Votre Bar

It’s been quite a while when I first watched Doki perform and I’ve been dying to hear the whole album well guess what, I got to hear the entire album during the listening party at Votre Bar in Quezon City. Fellow Scholasticans were also there to support Doki – Mabie, Jihan and Nikki.

So about the album, it contains 12 songs. They usually perform these during their gigs so I am a bit familiar with those. One that I am not familiar with is “Kartada Diyes”. I guess older generations and music enthusiasts will know that this is a song of Rico J. Puno. Yes, Doki ( I mean Dorica) will sing the revival of her father’s hit song back in the 70’s. Of course the band gave a modern and yet soothing approach of the song.

Flicker Fusion at the Doki Album Premier - Votre Bar

Flicker Fusion

Other bands who joined Doki’s Listening Party are Flickr Fusion, Novus Luna and Maya’s Anklet.

Novus Luna at the Doki Album Premiere in Votre Bar 2

Novus Luna

Maya's Anklet at the Doki Album Premiere - Votre Bar

Maya’s Anklet

Doki Album Premier - Votre Bar

I think the highlight of the night was Renmin’s daughter, Mantra, singing with the band. What a talented kid!


So when will the album come out? According to Doki, this will be released this December. Their album launch will be held at the Eastwood Central Plaza at 8 PM with guests such as Stonefree, Julianne and many more. See ya all in the album launch!

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