Acer Aspire Timeline Is Part of My Wish List

Acer Aspire Timeline 3

I think it was 3 weeks ago when I was invited to the launch of Acer Aspire Timeline with a dinner cruise in Manila Bay. I was actually curious of what this new laptop of Acer is all about, so read the student laptop reviews about it first, of course. I have been an Acer user for quite some time and I am satisfied on the performance of my Acer Aspire desktop which I bought in Abenson’s last December 2008.

What’s interesting about this new line of laptops from Acer is that it has a long battery life. I always bring my laptop charger because my laptop’s battery can only last until 2 hours. For the Timeline, they boast that it can go up to 8 hours. This is good news for me because it will make me confident not to bring my charger anymore. There are two reason why their batteries last long: Intel’s Core™ 2 Duo ultra low voltage processors combined with Acer’s PowerSmart button and the Laminar Wall Jet. It’s a literal LAPtop because it doesn’t heat that easily.

Timeline laptops are also lightweight. It’s made of brushed aluminum and weighs1.6kg (3.5 lbs) for the 13.3” model and just 2.4kg (5.3 lbs) for the 15.6”.

It doesn’t have an optical disc drive. For some it might be a disadvantage but for me, I think it’s ok since I still have my desktop. I can always transfer files to a USB flash drive.

While we were at the yacht, there were some Timeline test units for the media people to see how it feels and looks like. Since I love typing, I tried to type some sentences in Notepad with a Timeline. I loved how the keys felt. The keyboard spacing is just enough.

The Acer Timeline can be compared to Macbook Air with some identical features of it. The catch is that it’s much cheaper compared to a Macbook Air. Prices of Timeline laptops start at Php 39,900.

Ok, I’ll just include this in my wish list and hope that it won’t remain just like that. Hehe.

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