“After Hours” with Paramita and Up Dharma Down

Gateway now has this weekly thing wherein they feature bands every Friday and Sat. It was a Saturday night then, have nothing to do so Karla and I decided to watch a “free” gig at Gateway Mall.

We both are both Pinoy band enthusiasts and these 2 bands are 2 of our favorites. I haven’t watched Paramita performed live before; there was just this one time I watched Ria of Paramita perform at Penguin in Malate however it was just a solo act and she’s playing the guitar there. As for Up Dharma Down, I have seen them plenty of times so it’s just like a normal thing for me.

The stage was set up near the valet parking of the mall. If you are familiar with the mall, it’s right infront of Cafe Adriatico ( near Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). There were tables and chairs ( it’s like a wedding reception, promise!) with draft beer being sold on the side and of course Cafe Adriatico waiters are also roaming around to get some orders. That’s why I told you it’s a “free” gig. Karla and I arrived there early, about 8:30 pm and sat right at the middle front table. Kinta was the front act, played some of their songs afterwards Paramita and Up Dharma Down performed last. Each band played about an hour so it’s really worth it. Paramita’s performance was a blast, while Ria was doing some rapport with the audience ( well, it really worked!). Up Dharma Down was also phenomenal, as always. You’ll just realized that you’re stunned by Armi’s voice. Wow. The whole gig ended at about 12 mn.

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