All I Want to Say is Folk U! – The .MOV Music Night

Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi at Folk U

Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi of Peryodiko

I believe that the true soul of any musician is revealed when his/her performance is simplified. It is when the musicality is easily digested by the audience. In this kind of performance, the audience is captivated by the simplicity and truthfulness of the performer. All that you could do, when you’re actually there watching the artists perform, is to absorb every single musical note and word down to its core.

Last Saturday, I was at the Folk U Alexis and Nika 2 in Piazza Musica at the Podium, the music part of the .MOV International Film, Music and Literature Festival. This is one of the rare moments when I feel musical nirvana.

Enrique de Dios at Folk U

Enrique de Dios

It was my first time to see Enrique de Dios to hear him play the guitar and actually sing. I usually see him with Brigada. I saw a different kind of Inky de Dios without percussion instruments.

Tao Aves with her band at Folk U

Tao Aves

Another artist that mesmerized me was Tao Aves. I’ve already seen her perform before in Obsidian and this time, there is something new about her music. She already has a keyboard accompaniment which gave a different “folk” flavor in her music. By the way, she is the daughter of Grace Nono. Her voice is somewhat like her mom’s but she’s unique in her own way.

Hannah and Gabi aka Mikey Amistoso 2

Mikey Amistoso a.k.a Hannah and Gabi

I’ve always known Mikey to be the vocalist of Ciudad but this time he performed as Hannah and Gabi. I expected it to be a duo but Mikey is Hannah and Gabi. He also played the ukelele which I think was very cute!

Aldus Santos at Folk U

Aldus Santos

Aldus Santos, vocalist of the Purplechickens and music writer extraordinaire, was passionate in his performance as always. This was where I saw the rawness of his music. Here’s a video I took while he’s performing a song by the Purplechickens.

Pauline Diaz of Toi at Folk U 2

Pauline Diaz of Toi

The very first time I saw Toi was during Archipelago’s Travel Advisory album launch back in 2009. Pauline is a wonder; her voice reminds me of Sarah Mclachlan and Norah Jones – very soothing to the ears.

Fando and Lis at Folk U

Fando and Lis

Jesse Grinter and Raimund Marasign at Folk U

Jesse Grinter and Raimund Marasigan of Gaijin

Ely Buendia at Folk U

Ely Buendia

The line up became more and more interesting towards the end of the show. Other performers were Ace Cada of Bagetsafonik, Jesse Grinter and Raimund Marasigan of Gaijin and Fando and Lis. My favorite performance would be Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi, who are both from Peryodiko. Kakoy played the intro of “Agawan Base” using a thumb piano (thanks to Vin for the name of the thingimajig!). I wasn’t able to complete the video because my camera’s battery was low but I was able to capture the intro, click here. 🙂

The highlight of the evening was Ely Buendia’s performance. He played one song from each of his previous and current bands: Animal Lover (Pupil), Wigout (The Mongols) and Lightyears (Eraserheads). As an ultimate Eraserheads fan, it means so much to me that he played Lightyears again.

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