An Intimate Night With Sugarfree at the Dekada Concert

Ebe Dancel at Sugarfree Dekada 4

Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree

It’s not common seeing Sugarfree in an intimate set up, most especially with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. I got the chance to experience watching them up close during the Dekada concert held at the Music Museum last August 28th. It was nice seeing familiar friends in the audience area. Karla and I were seated front middle row. We didn’t expect to be seated there. Thanks to Jay DJ of Titik Pilipino for giving us super nice front row seats.

This was actually my first time to see them perform with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. I wasn’t able to watch them 2 years ago. I was working in the night shift then and my gig life was so corny.

The very first thing they showed was an audio-visual presentation about Sugarfree’s history. The audience was able to see how the band evolved (gained and lost weight too 😉 ) and in my mind, I’m thinking how I evolved too as a person. It seems cheezy but Sugarfree’s songs became theme songs of my past relationships. Anyway moving on, when the 5-minute AVP was finished, I heard Ebe singing but I couldn’t see him onstage. Well it was because he was singing from the back then walked towards the stage. The first song was Reunion, the perfect song to describe what the concert is all about.

After the first song, they sang their carrier single from their new album Mornings and Airports entitled Hay Buhay. Then they sang my most favorite Sugarfree song, Telepono, with a different approach. Aside from the beautiful sound coming from the Manila Symphony Orchestra, Chino David (the conductor), added drum beats which made it more contemporary. I super loved this version and can’t help but play it again and again in my mobile phone. Here is the video of Telepono by the way:

Sugarfree with Manila Symphony Orchestra “Telepono”

I was so happy that they played most songs from their first album which was “Unang Araw”. It made me reminisce my college days more. My favorite songs they performed were as follows:

Jal at Sugarfree Dekada

Jal Taguibao of Sugarfree

Taguan – It was my first time to see Jal Taguibao sing this song live. I like the humor of this song!

Kwarto – Ebe played his guitar.

Kaka at Sugarfree Dekada

Kaka Quisumbing of Sugarfree

Fade Away – Kaka Quisumbing played the lead guitars. I didn’t know he’s a super awesome guitar player! It made me remember Slash of Guns n’ Roses. Mitch Singson also played the drums for this song.

Mariposa – Mitch Singson (former drummer of Sugarfree) played the drums for this song! It’s nice to see him again.

Wag Ka ng Umiyak – This song made me cry. I felt Ebe’s emotions while he was singing this song.

Audio-visual presentations of each band member were shown in some parts of the show to know them better. I was wishing that Ebe and Vin do a duet but it was wishful thinking. Hehe.

Photo taken by Norman Delloza – Ebe grabbing the camera from Karla. There’s me beside her 🙂

While Sugarfree was performing Burnout, Ebe stood up infront of us (as in literally) and sang from that position. Ebe held my hand. I was worried that he might fall off the empty chair so I reached out for him. Karla was taking a video from her point and shoot camera when Ebe took it and took a video of himself singing! After that, he kissed the lens of the camera and returned it to her. It was so cool! I’m glad to know that he didn’t do it for the concert next day because it won’t be a unique experience anymore. Hehe.

Take a look at the video of Burnout:

Sugarfree with Manila Symphony Orchestra “Burnout” – see 6:39 when Ebe took the camera

By the way, here’s the set list of the Sugarfree Dekada Concert:

Hay Buhay
Unang Araw
Feels Like
Wala Nang Hihilingin
Fade Away
Medley: Makita Kang Muli, Dear Kuya, Hari ng Sablay
Tulog Na
Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

Here’s the video of the AVP and the first song, Reunion:

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