Ang Bandang Shirley’s ‘Scary Debut’ Album Launch

Ang Bandang Shirley

The name Shirley rings a bell to Eraserheads fans because: (1) It’s the title of an Eraserheads song included in Ultraelectromagneticpop and (2) it’s the name of a certain E-heads member’s ex-gf.  ( hmm, a little bit of chika there hehe). Anyway, Ang Bandang Shirley actually has a little bit of a connection with the Eraserheads because the band was named as such due to a requirement in school (?) wherein they have to form a group name related to the Eheads ( hmm still have to verify that information 🙂 )

Last October 25, Ang Bandang Shirley already launched its debut album entitled ‘Scary Debut’. The title of the album is very timely to its launch since Halloween was already approaching. The event happened at the Kolektib in Cubao X. Almost everybody was in their Halloween costume ( especially the band) and people were really creative in making it really interesting.

Before the actual gig started, a documentary of the band was shown to the public. This was to introduce and to also get to know the individual band members. Right after the documentary, Ang Bandang Shirley performed their first set. Other bands also participated in the said event such as: Twin Lobster, Halik ni Gringo and Radioactive Sago Project.

The event was a success and everybody enjoyed. I was able to have a little chat with Marcus Adoro of the Eheads there, probably just there to enjoy the gig and have some booze 😉 . I also bought the ‘Scary Debut’ CD and am already listening to it.

Congratulations to the Bandang Shirley! 🙂

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