Another 90’s Nostalgia: Teeth Reunion (2014)

Teeth Reunion at Venice Piazza - 5

Reunion concerts of 90’s bands are becoming common these days. We, as 90’s kids back then, are happy to see things that remind us of our childhood (or adolescence). During the Moonpools and Caterpillars concert at Amber Lounge, Pinoytuner announced that Teeth will be having their reunion concert. I was so excited that I even saw Glenn Jacinto during the Summer Siren Festival with the Pedicab guys (not performing) so I was already looking forward to it. I anticipated the moment when they announced the finalized dates then suddenly it was a work night and in Ortigas. Oh yeah, I missed the moment of finally seeing them for the first time. Tried to avoid my social media network the night and day after the concert so I wouldn’t feel so bad of missing Teeth’s reunion concert.

Teeth Reunion at Venice Piazza -1

After more than a month, I read from Dok’s FB that Teeth will be having another gig and this time it’s on a Saturday and it’s free! Immediately went to the Venice Piazza and got myself right at the front so that I could get the chance to see this band that I have been yearning to see for years. All these reunion concerts make you to remember how it was when you were younger. To be honest, Teeth opened my eyes (and ears) to local grunge music. I think I heard them first in LA 105.9 then NU 107 then got encouraged to buy my own cassette tape of their album.

Teeth Reunion at Venice Piazza - 12

I wasn’t able to listen to any of their albums before I went to the gig but it felt like I already knew it (had my tapes before). I may have not memorized the lyrics but the melodies were humming back in my head. The band entered the stage one by one and Glenn was the last one – wearing a black coat with t-shirt underneath then matched with semi-baggy jeans then sang the first lines of BMX. Not used to seeing him wearing a coat so it was different. They played 12 songs and 3 songs for the encore (TNT, Time Machine and Princesa). During the encore, Glenn removed his black coat and only had his grey t-shirt and semi-baggy pants. It was incredible to hear “Shooting Star” being performed live but what made me happy were the old songs from the 1st album. “Me” and “Darating” were fantastic and until now I am still humming these songs. No one was moshing and I think everybody was concentrated on hearing the songs. I know the venue was posh but what the heck.

Teeth Reunion at Venice Piazza - 17

These are the things that you’d want to see once every few months or years just to at least have you reminded of your younger years. If they’d have a gig in the next few months or years, I’d still watch.

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