Archipelago Will Be Releasing Studio Album Entitled “Travel Advisory” Soon

Archipelago is a band composed of Yan Yuzon on vocals/guitars, Pat Tirano on guitars, Chad Rialp on bass and Wendell Garcia on drums. They have already released their first single “MRI” and has earned a fan base because of this song. I personally loved this song as it sounded gothic and melancholic at the same time. Kinda gives me the old school sound of 90’s rock. By the way, this song won the Silver Prize, Best Rock Song at the 2009 Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) based in Malaysia. Listen to the acoustic version of MRI:

MRI – Archipelago

The band will be releasing their 2nd single on April 11th and the most exciting part is that they will be releasing their album entitled “Travel Advisory” soon! I have been longing to have this album becuase I am interested to hear the other songs as well. The band is also celebrating its 1st anniversary. Happy anniversary guys!

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