Are you ready for this? Things to do before the Eraserheads Final Set Concert

This photo was just uploaded hours ago by Marcus Adoro (through his multiply site, photo taken by Mohawkmom). Just like good old days but this time with a higher rockstar status 😉 . Woot! Rock on!

Let me just give you some Eheads final set preparations that you can do:

  1. Starting now, try to recall the lyrics of their songs so that you can be part of the grand videoke party on the gig itself. You can probably do 1 album at a time, be creative. Don’t forget their rare songs, you might be surprised that they might perform it. It’s pathetic that you only know the common ones like Alapaap, Huling El Bimbo, Magasin and many more.
  2. Try to go to the gigs of their respective bands. They perform in small clubs like Saguijo, 70’s Bistro, Route 196. It’s also one way of moving on from the Eheads Era.
  3. If you haven’t had the tickets yet (what??), try to search some blogs on the internet. Mostly likely there will be personal blogs that will host a contest and would be giving away Eheads tickets. Just don’t expect that it would be the VIP ticket,be contented dear.
  4. Lurk in some groups connected to the Eheads to get the latest scoops. As for me, I am a member of the Circus Mailing List and also a contact of Marcus Adoro and Day Cabuhat’s (Pupil Manager) Multiply. It’s usually Marcus and Raymund (through the Sandwich/Cambio/Pedicab Mailing List) who share new information to the fans. As for Day, she just shares  photos; just recently she posted the photos during the rehearsal last Feb. 3. View the photos here.
  5. On the gig itself:
  • Make sure you have slept early the night before so that you won’t feel groggy the next day.
  • If you can come early, the better. Like the last eheads gig at the fort, Karla and I arrived there at 4 pm and we got the best spot at the VIP. It already felt that we’re at the SVIP section since they’re just infront of us.
  • Go Light. Make sure that you just bring the important stuff like wallet, cellphone (just 1 will do), a small towel (you know that you’ll definitely perspire there) and of course camera (no professional cameras and videos are allowed). The most important thing is that YOU MUST NOT FORGET YOUR TICKETS!

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