Be a Catalyst for Change with Colgate Fresh U Project and Rock Ed

fresh u

(photo by Gerhard Bandiola)

Colgate, together with Rock Ed, has joined forces to allow the youth to pursue their dream projects for their own community. P50,000 will be given to 4 groups that can give fresh ideas that will spark change. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming big and it can be made possible through this partnership.

Different concerts were held in different universities to spread the word about sparking change. This was thought to be one way to encourage the youth to listen with their favorite bands performing on stage and talk about being a catalyst for change. Popular bands such as Sugarfree, Paramita, Itchyworms and many more have participated in the series of Colgate Fresh U Concerts recently. On March 18, another gig will happen at the Eastwood Central Plaza and Radioactive Sago, Paramita, Juan Pablo Dream, Itchyworms, Ernville and Wagyu will be performing for everyone for free! There will be upcoming gigs so just watch out for future blogposts on that.

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