Behind the Scenes at Duster’s “Gucci Gang” Music Video Shoot

Duster at Gucci Girls Music Video Shoot

Duster (from left: Myrene Academia, Katwo Puertollano, Ristalle Bautista and Kris Gorra-Dancel)
Photo by Karla Redor

I got the chance witness the shoot of Duster’s “Gucci Gang” video shoot last August 5 at Club Dredd, Eastwood. It was a good time because that day was declared a special non-working holiday due to Cory Aquino’s burial. Well, I already paid my respects when there was a funeral procession in Ayala Ave. Even though it was supposed to be a free day for me, apparently it wasn’t because my day was packed with activities such as food tasting at a Mexican resto, this video shoot and the Nine Inch Nails concert.

Anyway going back to Duster, I arrived there at 11:30 am. The shoot started at 8 am. I saw the hubbies of the 2 Duster Girls – Raymund Marasigan and Vin Dancel. The band invited some Duster Listers to be extras for the video days prior to the shoot. I just told Katwo (Duster’s vocalist) that I will be covering the video shoot as a blogger (together with Karla) and would not like to be seen in a music video dancing (I wouldn’t like to be immortalized like that, just wanna be immortalized in my fan mode way – great example: Eheads Final Set hehe 😉 ).

“Gucci Gang” was directed by Katwo’s hubby, Nico Puertollano. The video has that Embassy feel (Embassy is a posh bar at the Fort owned by co-owned Tim Yap). The Duster girls were fabulously dressed and it took them 4 hours for their make-up and costume. Nico first shot the crowd scene and then at 1 pm the Duster girls’ scenes were shot. I wasn’t able to finish the whole shoot anymore because I’ll be late for my next appointment but Katwo told me that they finished the shoot at Club Dredd at 3:30 pm but still continued at her house.

The video is expected to be released 2 weeks after August 5th, I am just not sure if the editing’s done as I write this blogpost. I am excited to see the whole video. There’s an interesting scene that might be the root of controversy for conservative people (I won’t say what it is! ). I just hope they won’t edit it out. Hehe. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of “Gucci Gang”:

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