(Belated) Happy 150th Birth Anniversary Jose Rizal, Love Pinoy Artists

Pepe Smith and Ely Buendia - Rock Rizal

Joey “Pepe” Smith and Ely Buendia

Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday became more meaningful as Pinoy musicians made songs about him and his works through a downloadable album called  Rock Rizal. You can download the songs for free and share it to everyone who know and wants to know Jose Rizal.

Listening to the tracks made me remember my PI 100 (Philippine Institutions 100) in UP. It is mandated by law that educational institutions has to add Rizal’s life and works in the curricula of public and private schools  (please see Republic Act 1425 or Rizal Law). My PI100 class was unforgettable (under Prof. Nilo Ocampo) because I had the chance to visit the Rizalistas in Mt. Banahaw. I found an old blog post about it but didn’t exactly elaborate on what I did there but all the things that I experienced are kept in my mind. At that time, I realized that Jose Rizal’s life and works are timeless and it crosses all social classes (although many say that his philosophies reflects elitism and conservatism). Could this mean that nothing has really changed since the 1800’s? Hmm.

“Bungo sa Bangin” – Ely Buendia featuring Pepe Smith and Turbogoth

Anyway going back to Rock Rizal, last night I was able to hear some of the songs from the Rock Rizal album performed live at the SM Mall of Asia, San Miguel By The Bay. Karla and I were late because I had to come all the way from Makati after work. I only got the chance to catch the bands such as Gab and Josh, Reese and Vica, Peryodiko, Ebe Dancel, Radioactive Sago Project and Ely Buendia with Pepe Smith. Super thanks to friends from Rock Ed for giving us a chance to stay at the backstage and stay in front of the stage. I was sitting on a speaker (good thing it was heavier than me) because other photographers were squeezing me against the speaker so I might as well just sit on it. I could really feel the groove through my butt! What the hell, it was an awesome and unforgettable gig.

You know why this gig was made awesome? Let me show you why.

Pepe Smith - Rock Rizal 3

1) Ely Buendia performed with Joey “Pepe” Smith.

Two Pinoy rock legends from different eras performed live! Actually, they should only perform 1 song which is “Bungo sa Bangin” (song from the Rock Rizal album and my favorite) but I guess both of them were in the mood to do some more. After “Bungo sa Bangin”, they performed “Teacher’s Enemy No. 1”, a Juan Dela Cruz classic. It seemed that Pepe forgot a stanza but what the heck, it was still a fun impromptu jam! Mar Dizon (former Side A drummer / founder and played with other artists such as Kevin Lettau, Jim Brickman, David Pomeranz etc.) also played the drums with them!

Another impromptu song from Ely is “Ang Huling El Bimbo”.

Gloc - 9 - Rock Rizal 3

2) Gloc – 9 made the the crowd jump for joy.

I’ve never seen Gloc 9 perform live before so I was surprised on the crowd’s response. He engages with the crowd and I believe this is the reason why the crowd loves him. He’s not just another Francis M. but he lives by his own name and style. He also seemed humble (sorry, didn’t get to meet him in person). Here’s a video of him performing “Kung Tama Siya” with Jaq Dionisio of Kissjane.

Vin Dancel (Peryodiko) - Rock Rizal 3

3) Vin Dancel made the audience wave to the viewers of Digradio.ph.

The entire concert was webcasted via Digradio.ph so Vin made the audience raise their hands to the air. People who were not able to watch it live had the chance to see the entire concert on the internet! How amazing technology is now.

The Horns Section - Radioactive Sago Project - Rock Rizal 3

4) Radioactive Sago Project’s music almost made me dance to my feet but instead with my butt.

Sorry for the TMI (too much information) but they did! Like I said earlier, I was sitting on a speaker in front of the stage so when Radioactive Sago Project was next, I said to myself “uh-oh, my butt muscles will definitely be sore after this”. Well I was exaggerating then but I felt the soreness today. I was excited to hear “Sino Si Pepe” live and one of my favorite tracks.

Lourd De Veyra (Radioactive Sago Project) - Rock Rizal 2

And so if you were not able to go to the concert, all you can do now is watch the videos I uploaded (and other uploaded as well ;D ) and download the Rock Rizal tracks from the links below.

1) Ely Buendia – “Bungo sa Bangin”

2) Gloc 9 featuring Jaq Dionisio of Kissjane – “Kung Tama Siya”

3) Sandwich – “Mi Ultimo Amor”

4) Ebe Dancel – “Ikaw ang Aking Tahanan”

5) Aiza Seguerra featuring Radha- “Lupang Pinangako”

6) Radioactive Sago Project – “Sino Si Pepe?”

7) Jett Pangan – “Shine A Light”

8) Peryodiko – “Kumagat Man Ang Dilim”

9) Hijo – “Tamalee”

10) Gab ‘n Josh and Reese & Vica – “Pagbabalik”

You can also view other photos from my Flickr.

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