brainstorming, beer drinking and dancing.

Last night, Karla and I went out again. Of course, first thing in our agenda is Starbux! Hehe. Again, I ordered my usual green tea latte and had a couple of cigarettes. We’re talking about our start up “business” hehe. It’s a social networking website for Filipino Lesbians. Well, if you are familiar with downelink ( for the lgbt ppl) and friendster ( for the general public hehe), it’s something like that but this will cater only for lesbians ( or women per se) that is situated here in the Philippines. It’s like the g4m site for Filipino gays. I realized that we lesbians don’t have that kind of social networking site. Of course, Karla will be doing the web designing etc.. and as for me, I’m merely a contributor, the market researcher and of course the co-owner in this partnership. hehe. I’m really excited for this one ( especially Karla hehe adik!) because we are both involved in this circle. You know, we’re lesbians! duhh. hehe. Well for more opportunities for karirs. haha. Well anyway, she already had a test site put up exploring stuff that cld be placed in the actual one. We are planning a soft launch during the LGBT Pride march on Dec 8, just spreading the word about it. WE need a domain name!!! any suggestions? If u have suggestions pls msg reply here. 😉

Moving on, after talking about our pet project we went straight to T. Morato to go to Butterfly. She had photos exhibited there and of course had some beer. We had 2 each. Then after that we went to Manila DJ Club in Wilson St. Greenhills to crash the exclusive lesbian party organized by Switch. There weren’t many people. It’s just right, unlike the previous exclusive I attended with Naomi 2 weeks ago there the whole place was really jam packed. So we arrived there about 12 am, stayed there until about 3 am. There were no seats available so we just stood infront of the bar and danced the night away. Hehe. I had 2 beers again and wanting to have one more.. After that had some iced pokka coffee in caltex then headed home. Arrived abt 4 am.

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