SM Sky Garden

SM North Edsa, the second largest mall in the whole world, has innovated itself by creating the Sky Garden which will become one of the major attractions of this mall. The SM Sky Garden is the elevated and exterior walkway that connects the 3 separate buildings of SM North Edsa namely Annex, The Block and the main mall. Strolling in the mall wouldn’t be the same because of the green surroundings in this walkway. This will also become the nature barrier between you and the busy streets of EDSA. Bloggers were able to experience walking around it last May 23rd before it will be formally opened to the public on May 29th.

giant waterfall

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Live Blogging at Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event!

Juggler, Unicycle Man and Jester at Krispy Kreme Chocolate Carnival Event

I’m blogging live at Krispy Kreme Boni High Street for the Greatest Chocolate Show On Earth! Obviously it’s a carnival theme that’s why there are circus characters like the picture I took above 🙂 . Media, Bloggers and Friends of Krispy Kreme flocked here at Boni High Street to witness the first ever chocolate glazing of Krispy Kreme donuts!
circus characters at krispy kreme

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Plurk Lakbayan 08 at Tagaytay City

Tagaytay Jump Shot - Sha

Can’t you see I’m happy? (taken by Karla Redor)

This is a post-Christmas celebration for the bloggers who are also plurkers. Last December 26, we went to Tagaytay and all we did there was to pig out, LITERALLY. We left Manila at around 9 am and arrived at Tagaytay City at around 10:30 am. It wasn’t that cold yet, it’s just the normal morning breeze. Our first stop was a Greek restaurant called Manos Greek Taverna. Since our group was really big ( imagine 25 food trippers), we have to divide ourselves into smaller groups so that billing and ordering would be much easier. I was of course part of the food bloggers group wherein each dish that comes to our table have to be photographed ( of course for our food blogs 🙂 ). The food that we ordered in Manos were Moussaka, Tsatziki with pita bread and Grilled Lamb Chops. We also had yogurt shake as our beverage. Continue reading “Plurk Lakbayan 08 at Tagaytay City”

Jollibee’s Launching of Hotdogs with a Twist at City Kart Racing


Last August 27, we were invited to the official launch for the new Jolly Hotdogs by Jollibee at the City Kart Racing in Parañaque. And the best part of it all ( above the bottomless hotdogs we can have) is that I was able to experience Kart Racing! WEEEE! I don’t know how to drive but this one is easy, it’s like driving a bump car ( except that bumping other cars are not allowed hehe).

Healthy Shabu-Shabu and the Lobsters Siesta Time

I used the gift certificates that was given last Shabu-Shabu 101 bloggers event held at Healthy Shabu-Shabu in Shangri la Mall. I treated my mom and my ninang ( whose birthday was just recently). We were so full. I still ordered the US Angus Beef Set since I enjoyed their Angus Beef during the event then. My mom ordered the Fat Beef and Seafood Set and as for my Ninang, she ordered Beef Tenderloin Set.

By the way, I took a picture of these lobsters. Just got interested, they’re actually upside down seem like sleeping. They need siesta too, this was taken about 3:30 pm 🙂

Feeling Krung Krung

I am feeling krung krung period. For those who do not know what it means, it’s defined as: a state of feeling one undergoes when he/she is out of her ‘normal’ state. Well that’s how I define it, I don’t know for others. I don’t really know why I am feeling this, probably I am just PMS-ing. I don’t know. I am feeling bored. I want to do many things, so little time ( and too expensive 🙂 ). This morning I woke up from a 17 hour sleep ( I didn’t go to work last night) and suddenly craved for breakfast buffet in ‘Something Fishy’. Since I couldn’t drag Karla all the way from Parañaque, I dragged my mom to come along with me. So we went to Eastwood and ate the breakfast buffet. I really got so full hehe. We arrived there about 9:40 am and they’re about to clean up since the buffet is only until 10. After being the last customers there, we walked around the quiet Eastwood then headed to Cubao. Mom was going to her Church, and as for me ( who is not really into religious things) I went to Gateway Cubao and hung out in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This time I was alone. I remember the times when I would be feeling this and this coffee shop is always the place I seek refuge. I am usually alone whenever I go to this coffee shop.

Probably I am bored.

I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)

March 24, after Holy week, I was so excited because Krispy Kreme will be opening at the ground floor of our building ( Jaka Building). I wanna be first in line because I wanna be included in the first 300 customers to have a dozen of donuts. Continue reading “I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)”

sponteneity is the best policy

Saturday, Feb 2, 2008. ( current physical condition: major coughing and sore throat).

We were supposed to go to a resort owned by Baby ( Karla’s best friend) in Cavite but at the last minute she had to cancel it to go to the doctor. Just for sponteneity’s sake, we still went to Cavite but instead we decided to go to Tagaytay ( it’s still in Cavite right? hehe). We hitched a ride w Thea ( my officemate/friend) who goes home to Cavite every weekend. Thea dropped us off ( by the way we’re with Vien in the car) in SM Bacoor then after that Vien went her way and karla and I waited for a bus going to Tagaytay. It was a long trip, we arrived Tagaytay about 7 pm ( we left sm bacoor at abt 4 pm). I haven’t felt the chills when we dropped off from the bus. I just realized it when were were already at Leslie’s. I didn’t even bring a jacket. Haha. Continue reading “sponteneity is the best policy”