The Killers in Manila – Battle Born Tour

The Killers in Manila 11

The Killers is one of my favorite American bands and have been dying to see them perform live. Glad that they’ve included Manila in their Battle Born Tour. They almost came here in 2010 but had to cancel. Also good that the venue is in Araneta Coliseum because this has better sound system compared to another closed venue in Pasay :D. Continue reading “The Killers in Manila – Battle Born Tour”

All I Want to Say is Folk U! – The .MOV Music Night

Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi at Folk U

Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi of Peryodiko

I believe that the true soul of any musician is revealed when his/her performance is simplified. It is when the musicality is easily digested by the audience. In this kind of performance, the audience is captivated by the simplicity and truthfulness of the performer. All that you could do, when you’re actually there watching the artists perform, is to absorb every single musical note and word down to its core.

Last Saturday, I was at the Folk U Alexis and Nika 2 in Piazza Musica at the Podium, the music part of the .MOV International Film, Music and Literature Festival. This is one of the rare moments when I feel musical nirvana. Continue reading “All I Want to Say is Folk U! – The .MOV Music Night”

Pupil’s 20/20 Video Launch in Black and White

Pupil 20/20 Video Launch 16

Pupil just launched the official video for “20/20”, one of the catchiest tunes from their album “Limiters of the Infinity Pool” last week. Great to see the band again after their album launch. I decided to shoot in black and white (and in film grain using Lumix FZ35) because I love this setting whenever I shoot live gigs. Grainy black and white photos just give concert photos a more “rocker” and “film noir” feel on it. Continue reading “Pupil’s 20/20 Video Launch in Black and White”

Stone Temple Pilots, You Were Awesome!!

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-3

Scott Weiland on vocals

Stone Temple Pilots is one of my favorite bands during the 90’s and them coming here is really something I looked forward to. My partner bought us  Upper Box A tickets for my birthday (what a nice birthday gift, baby!). Our location wasn’t really bad at all. I was able to see a lot of people who are within my generation with less hipsters (Thank you!) . The attendance wasn’t so bad at all, there were more people at the Gen. Admission, Upper boxes and Patron. The VIP was almost filled up as well but I won’t count them in because most of the people there didn’t buy their tickets. Continue reading “Stone Temple Pilots, You Were Awesome!!”

NU 107 Rock Awards 2010 – The Aftermath

Franco at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 5Franco

This is it. The last NU Rock Awards happened last October 29, 2010 at the NBC Tent, Taguig. NU preferred to give away tickets by invitation only and the event became a private affair with no jumping Orcs , just like how the NU Rock Awards started back in 1994. I’m no VIP however I was able to score tickets courtesy of my colleague, Pax (you’re the best!) on the day of the Rock Awards itself. I wasn’t prepared to go but who could not resist those tickets??!!! Two of my motivations to go to the Rock Awards this year: 1) because this will be the last and I wanna be there and 2) I want to see my band photos on the AVPs for some categories (particularly Urbandub). This is the first time that my photos will be used in a big event like this 🙂 Continue reading “NU 107 Rock Awards 2010 – The Aftermath”

Doki Album Premier

Finally Doki will be releasing their debut album soon and you will have the chance to hear them all live on Oct 30th. This will be at the Votre Bar, #42-A 2/F Eugenio Lopez, Sr. Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, (corner of ABS-CBN). The album won’t be available yet on Oct 30th but definitely it will be released soon. Hope to see you at the listening party!

Gin Blossoms Songs I Want to Hear Live When They Perform Here in Manila

I grew up with the 90’s music scene and one of my favorite bands during this era was Gin Blossoms. I bet you’ve already heard the news that they’ll be coming to Manila and Cebu but all I can say is… wahhh!!!!! I wanna watch! They’ll be performing at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu on November 19 and will be at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila on November 20. How I wish I can watch. I wonder how much the tickets will be? No details on the price of the tickets but definitely will update this blog post when I get to know how much it’ll be. Continue reading “Gin Blossoms Songs I Want to Hear Live When They Perform Here in Manila”

The Aftermath of Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz and Slapshock

Slapshock > Splintr Unplugged 1

Greyhoundz and Slapshock are known to perform hard metal music but this time, they toned down their amps for the Splintr Unplugged gig held last night at the Teatrino, Promenade Mall Greenhills. This is actually the 2nd part of Splintr Unplugged, last week it was Sino Sikat? and Typecast. I heard they were awesome as well but I was after the hard metal bands to perform unplugged. Continue reading “The Aftermath of Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz and Slapshock”

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz, Slapshock, Sino Sikat? and Typecast

Splintr Unplugged

Hearing your favorite band unplugged is a different kind of experience. This is to test the flexibility of the band to adjust, not only the volume of their amps and their guitar distortions, but taming their hardcore rock genre a bit. will be holding 2 separate unplugged concerts on June 19 and June 26 at the Teatrino, Promenade Mall Greenhills. Performances on June 19 will be Sino Sikat? and Typecast while on June 26th will be Greyhoundz and Slapshock. Tickets are sold for only Php 475 for 1 night but if you will decide to buy for the 2 separate nights, you’ll get them for only Php 850. Buy your tickets now because only 200 tickets will be sold as you know Teatrino is a small venue and this will make sure that buyers will have their ultimate acoustic experience of these bands. By the way, the show will be directed by Quark Henares.

See you there!

Sugar Hiccup is Back!

Sugar Hiccup 6

Jeanette Reyes – Jorge of Sugar Hiccup

I’ve been a fan of the band Sugar Hiccup since I first heard their first album, Oracle. It was released in 1995 and was still in grade school then. This was one of the few tapes that I bought by saving money from my daily allowance. I was totally mesmerized by the uniqueness of this band. With Melody Del Mundo’s voice, dreamy and minimalist lyrics, I was blown by the this band. I’ve only seen them perform live once, it was during the 1896 Ang Pagsilang Concert at the Folk Arts Theater circa 1996. Continue reading “Sugar Hiccup is Back!”