A Transphobic incident in a bar in Greenbelt 3

Transphobia refers to discrimination against transsexuality and transsexual or transgender people, based on the expression of their internal gender identity ( from Wikipedia.com)

Transexuals are what people call in lay person’s terms who had undergone sex change while transgenders are people who feel uncomfortable on their biological sexual make up and thus feel that they are trapped in that body and would need to perform gender roles that do not match on their biological make up.

One of our sisters/brothers in the LGBT community was discriminated by a transphobic kind of action in a bar in Greenbelt 3 Makati. This is a repost that I got through email. Pls read about it. Continue reading “A Transphobic incident in a bar in Greenbelt 3”

Gay and Pregnant Students Face Discrimination

I got this article from Prof. Libay Cantor of UP Diliman ( from her Multiply site) who is an advocate of LGBT issues. As for me, I will be reposting this so as to enlighten people of the reality of homophobia and sexism in the education system: the institution that “molds” young minds into what they are today. Try to analyze it and think about where you had your education when you were younger. Continue reading “Gay and Pregnant Students Face Discrimination”

Theorizing a Public Issue #2: Transexualism

Transsexual women (11/01/2007)

HONOLULU — This is not an easy piece to write. It’s probably the most unusual and unprecedented case the Philippine Supreme Court has had to deal with in its history. It will be many, many years before the high court can have some kind of “transgender law” to guide its future deliberations on transgender cases.

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