I really did it for love ( of Krispy Kreme donuts) I AM THE 259TH CUSTOMER :)

This is it! This is the real thing! Krispy Kreme Ayala is now officially open and Karla and I were there and we were one of the first 300 customers ( she’s 260th ). We were there at about 5 am and super dami na tao. I’m actually worried that I might not be able to be counted as one of the first 300. Literally, I screamed when the Krispy Kreme crew handed me the 259th customer button pin. Wahhh! Now, I have a month supply of dozen donuts every week. Thanks to Krispy Kreme. Read the blog post through our website in www.foodtrippings.com.

Also check out the pics, click here.

I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)

March 24, after Holy week, I was so excited because Krispy Kreme will be opening at the ground floor of our building ( Jaka Building). I wanna be first in line because I wanna be included in the first 300 customers to have a dozen of donuts. Continue reading “I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts)”