My Own SM North Edsa Story To Tell

SM malls are part of Philippine culture and each Filipino has their own SM story to tell. If you ask a Filipino about their SM story, they’ll definitely have something to tell about it.

SM North Edsa, being the second largest mall in the world, still continues to expand to make a difference globally and make a mark as well in Philippine mall culture. This mall is situated in an area which becomes a stop over for individuals who intend to go to Northern Metro Manila or CAMANAVA area (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela). Aside from being a gateway to Northern Metro Manila, it is also the gateway to the Northern provinces in the Philippines such as Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, Nueva Ecija and many more. One cannot miss seeing this mall because of its size; one can already view this mall from afar. Continue reading “My Own SM North Edsa Story To Tell”

Ely Buendia’s Levi’s Jacket Finally Signed

Signed Jacket - 2

Remember that I was one of the people who got Ely Buendia’s jacket during the Eraserheads Final Set last March 7? Well, I already asked him to sign my part of it last time during the One for the Roadie event at Mag:Net High Street. I approached him during Peryodiko’s set while he was holding his glass of red wine near the entrance of the bar. Continue reading “Ely Buendia’s Levi’s Jacket Finally Signed”

Lost in Transcription 2: With a Smile by the Eraserheads

This lost in transcription blog post is brought to you by the upcoming Eraserheads Final Set concert. Haha. So far, this is the worst transcription of this song.

original lyrics: You can’t win ON everything

Original lyrics: You can never be too happy in this LIFE. Continue reading “Lost in Transcription 2: With a Smile by the Eraserheads”

Lost in Transcription no. 1: Goo Goo Dolls’ Here is Gone

Lost in Transcription 1

Isn’t it funny when you’re singing at a videoke and you realize that the lyrics are incorrect? Here’s my first attempt to document it 😉 .

The chorus should go like this:
And I want to get free
Talk to me
I can feel you falling
And I wanted to be
All you need
Somehow here is gone

EraserheadsTV: Official YouTube Channel of the Eraserheads

The Eraserheads now has an official YouTube Channel. You can see their official videos there and also some excerpts during the Eraserheads Reunion concert.

By the way, speaking of YouTube, here’s the spoof of Michael V. in Bubble Gang entitled: Hala Pack up. They’re spoofing Alapaap. It’s really one hell of a laugh.