Kjwan releases new video called “Lifeline” for their 3rd Album “13 Seconds To Love”

Watch the latest video of Kjwan called “Lifeline”.  The single is one of the 13 tracks in their 3rd album, “13 Seconds to Love”, which will be released this January of 2009. Watch and enjoy! 😉

Reunited and it feels so good… MTV Sessions feat. Pupil

Last night, Karla and I arrived early at Greenhills Shopping Center just to see Pupil. It’s for their MTV Sessions which I don’t know when it will be aired. hehe. We were there at about 4:30 because it says on gig sked 7 pm. Since it’s a free gig, we’re expecting lots of Pupil citizens waiting there. We were on the actual parking lot at about 6:15 pm, the MTV crew were still doing their soundcheck etc. Karla and I actually were the signal for the fans to go nearer the stage, we went forward then suddenly everybody followed us. haha.

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