Paragon Rocks: A Benefit Concert at B-Side Makati

Sharing this gig organized by Paragon ICC (a game tech company) on Friday, November 29th at the B-Side (The Collective) in Makati. A lot of bands will be performing such as Imago, Moonstar 88, Chicosi and MYMP. Proceeds of the event will go to Stairway Foundation, Inc. and Heaven of Care Resources Center Inc. Tickets are sold at PHP 250.

Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event

Karla, Baby and I attended the Taste of Beauty event of Pond’s, this is for their Age Miracle line. There were lots of bouquet of roses around and lots of pretty ladies around as well. I was concerned that I was underdressed 🙂 I wish I have worn a much better outfit. Well at least I wore make up to compensate that loss. Lolz. Anyway, there were lots of bloggers ( we actually got to meet Jane 🙂 ) there and lots of free food and drinks ( no beers for last night, only red and white wines). It was a Friday night and I have work at 1 am so I can’t really be drunk. I just drank a glass of red wine. Continue reading “Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event”

Holy week overnight getaway in Laiya, San Juan Batangas

I think this is too late but I still would want to blog about this. Last Holy Wed-Thur, I went to San, Juan Batangas with Karla, Jhomz, Precious, LG and Vien. It wasn’t really meant to be a week long holiday since all of us ( except Karla) works in a call center, therefore we don’t have the regular holidays like “normal” people in the labor force do. It was really our rest days. We left Manila (well actually Alabang) at about 5 pm, then arrived at San Juan, Batangas at about 10 pm. We stayed in the house of Vien’s Grandma. It was a tiring trip but we still wanna have the booze and drank a bottle of tequila and some beers. I just had one beer after the tequila while the rest of them still continued to drink beers. Karla and I escaped in the drinking session and decided to sleep early instead ( the good thing is that we were first in the bed! hehe ). Continue reading “Holy week overnight getaway in Laiya, San Juan Batangas”


Why is it that when you are single, people around you feel that every butch you meet is a potential “karir”. It’s not that when you meet someone and become friends eventually “nagkakariran” na kayo. Well, fine, all of the butches i meet are single. It just so happened that we’re all single and it seems we’re dating. Well we just communicate through text and chat and even went out once ( both of them once plang). I wouldn’t call them dates because it’s just 2 people going out to have dinner. No ‘romantic’ links yet, just plain talking abt everything under the sun. But when do u call a date a “date”?

I remember when I was in high school, my personality and development teacher taught us in class that it only becomes a date when there are two people going out who have a mutual understanding and it should involve only a boy and a girl . At that early age, I disputed that statement ( well, only to myself ) because I have a girlfriend at that time. Hehe. And we used to date then so that is my reality of what a date should be. Sex ( the typification) is not important, for as long as there are 2 people who have a “romantic” link are going out, that is called a date. I think after my teacher told us that statement, i rebelled against her reality that it’s not only “straight” people that can experience dating. It really sucks to know that there are bigots like that and treat lgbt experiences as a joke. Well, I can’t blame her ignorance. That is how she was socialized by her parents. I believe that she has the notion that biology follows behavior. That everything is dictated by biology and shouldn’t deviate from that. It’s so old school. Hello.

hmm weird day.

You know what s weird? hmm. I wasn t able to use the internet for like hmm 3 or 4 days. The first thing i saw was an offline msg from nicole. i was a bit surprised because i wasn t expecting her to talk to me coz u know what. well, thx for the msg. i really appreciated it. That was one weird thing that happened. Second, i opened my friendster acct and i have a new testimonial! it was from my grade 6 classmate. I was surprised ( again?!) because we re not really close.. She made a testimonial for me.. haha. we re not even close. though we were team mates dati sa basketball team. haha. one of the people who super made me kulit to try out for the basketball team. gusto lang ng kasabay magtry out eh. well it turned out good naman. we both got accepted. She only played for a year coz she got accelerated to high school. I play for 2 years. until grade 7. i resisted being accelerated. hehe. La lang.

Oh gosh, i still have 2 weeks to complete my thesis. Hayy. I will march next year. With the kiddies. hehe. I ll just get my certificate for being an org head and then scrung.. hehe. for the sake lang ng societal expectations. I ll do it.