Reflections on Cory Aquino’s Death

cory doll

(Cory doll)

Last August 1, former President Cory Aquino died due to cardiac respiratory arrest at the Makati Medical Center. It was already expected because she was already suffering colon cancer but I didn’t realize that it would be this early.

I watched Kris Aquino’s show, “The Buzz” (i.e. the Kris Aquino show – I rarely heard Boy Abunda’s voice all throughout the duration of the show) and listened to Kris’ narration of the memoir she wrote during the last month of her mom’s life. It made me teary-eyed and because Kris narrated it in such a way that you will feel like you were really there. I must say that she is a good memoirist. Continue reading “Reflections on Cory Aquino’s Death”

Duster Band Round Table Interview

Duster Interview - 1

A fellow blogger requested me (and Karla) to be part of the round table interview with Duster last Wednesday. Because I am a fan of this band, I immediately agreed to be there 😉 .

The Duster Round Table Interview was initiated by Sony BMG (Duster’s record label) and of course some members of the media were there. I wasn’t really prepared for my questions because there were still errands to do so when Karla and I sat together on the table while waiting for the other media to come, that’s the time we were thinking of the questions 😉 . Haha, talk about professionalism.

The Duster ladies entered the small function room and sat infront of the media. The girl from Fudge Magazine started with her questions then other followed as well. I injected my questions whenever it’s related to their questions. Continue reading “Duster Band Round Table Interview”

Rock Ed’s “The Girl Code” Project and the Launch of Duster’s Sweetheart Snackbar

with Gasulina playing in the background

Growing up as a young girl in our society is not that easy. Culturally, there are expected behaviors a little girl should know but sometimes (or most of the time), these expected behaviors become controlling factors in our decisions in life. As we all know, different socialization agents influence us and mold us to who we are now. Socialization agents are significant people in our lives (or most likely the first individuals who we encounter as a child) such as parents, teachers and peers. Not all the time they are saying the ‘right thing’, but because of normative conditions, sometimes adolescent girls are misinformed and would think that it is the ‘absolute truth’ with no room for change. Continue reading “Rock Ed’s “The Girl Code” Project and the Launch of Duster’s Sweetheart Snackbar”