Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan – Happy 100th Birthday Coke!

Basti Artadi at Coke Concert ng Bayan 4

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang

Coca-Cola recently held their Concert ng Bayan to celebrate their 100th year of existence. Yes, 100 years. All I know is that Coke has been existing since I was born and has been part of our family meals.

I was able to catch the Concert ng Bayan at the Mall of Asia last March 23rd. We got our tickets and headed to where we’re supposed to be. I didn’t imagine that there’ll be seats but yes, there were. It’s not just seats, they’re reserved seats (at the VIP section). In my opinion, this was the most organized open-area concert I’ve ever attended. I’m not used to it so Karla and I decided to go near the fence so that we can be with the crowd and take some photos.

Wolfgang with Gloc 9 at Coke Concert ng Bayan

Wolfgang with Gloc 9

I was only able to catch a few artists such as Wolfgang, Gloc 9 and Parokya ni Edgar. They had longer sets though, which was good because usually with these kinds of big concert, max number of songs per band is 3. In this case, they sang 5 songs and also collaborated with other artists as well.

I believe that collaborations are good and healthy for artists. Mixing two entirely different genres in one song brings out the a different feel to a common song. Just like heavy rock band Wolfgang, they performed “Halik ni Hudas” with Gloc-9. It was awesome hearing two worlds combine. Parokya ni Edgar also performed wth Gloc-9, there’s nothing new to this because they have collaborated before.

Chito Miranda at Coke Concert ng Bayan 2

Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar

Chito and Vinci at Coke Concert ng Bayan

Chito and Vinci Performing the Yes Yes Show

Caloy - Coke President for Happiness


President for Happines, Caloy, was also there. It was my first time to see him and he’s really that tisoy. He was really a jolly person.

Karla and I had to leave early so I wasn’t able to catch the other artists but I heard that the gig was really a blast. Happy 100 years Coca-Cola! 🙂

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