Condolences to Ely Buendia and the rest of the Buendia Family

A sad event happened to the Buendia Family this morning. Lisette Buendia, Ely Buendia’s mom, passed away this morning due to cardiac arrest after surgery. News broke out as Jim Ayson received a message from Sancho ( one of the Eheads’ closest friends) and was disseminated through the Eheads ML.

Amidst the hype about the Eheads reunion gig, let’s try to be mindful of what we say because Ely Buendia is also undergoing some personal battles that we are not aware of. But even though this happened, the show will still push through as scheduled.

My condolences to Ely, Elyra ( who was my classmate when I was in freshman year in UPD) and the rest of the Buendia Family. Our prayers are with you.

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