Dr. Martens In-Store Gig Feat. Squid 9 #STANDFORSOMETHING

Raymund Marasigan (a.k.a Squid 9) Poses with his Doc Martens Design

Squid 9 just recently released their album Origimidi and was able to see them perform live during the Dr. Martens in-store gig at their BGC store. As you know, Raimund Marasigan is now a brand ambassador of Dr. Martens. In the next few months, they will be showcasing more local bands / acts as their brand ambassadors and in-store gigs.

Raymund Marasigan for Squid 9

He recently designed his own Doc Martens boots by using the Design A Boot App in Facebook. Users of the app can upload their photos that show them  standing up for something hence the hashtag #STANDFORSOMETHING is being used to spread she news all over social media. Dr. Martens will then choose 2 winners per country and they will have the chance to get the actual boots with their own design. How awesome is that? 

Raymund Marasigan trying on his Doc Martens design

Raimund is quite excited to wear his new pair of boots

Raymund Marasigan's Doc Martens design
Closer shot view of Raimund’s Origamidi boots
Here’s a screenshot of the Design a Boot Facebook app. I stand up for supporting local music. How about you, what do you stand up for?  🙂

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